Harvard Law Instructor Insists It’s Our ‘Civic Duty’ to Constantly ‘Accost’ Six Justices – Opinion

Academia isn’t lately known for its political neutrality, so it should come as no surprise to learn of recent tweets by an Ivy League teacher.

Campus Reform reported that Harvard Law’s clinical instructor Alejandra Carraballo used Twitter to express her civic duty, as she was informed by Campus Reform Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The academic’s not satisfied with peaceful protest:

“The six justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again.”

Let’s be very clear.

“It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public.”

Alejandra — whose pronoun-packed (“she/her”) Twitter profile (@Esqueer_) describes a “wise Latina” and whose photo features a T-shirt touting “Protect Trans Kids” — insisted women have lost their rights:

“They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again.”

Naturally, this is the reverse of Roe v. WadeThe issue of abortion was placed where it has been since 1973, namely in the hands and control of voters through decisions at state level.

Alejandra looks old enough not to know that for many decades people from both sides have accepted that Alejandra is pregnant. RoeIt was proposed for repeal. As you likely know, the landmark decision was founded upon a constitutional right to privacy — which isn’t written in the Constitution.

Megyn Kelly, a former Chicago lawyer, is a fitting example of this fact posted to social media on June 24th, “Whether you are pro-abortion or not, this was the right decision legally. You may not like it, but you were lied to by the Roe & Casey justices who told you abortion was a constitutional right. This court set things straight…”

Beyond that, it seems to me that denouncing the Supreme Court as invalid argues for a principle pertinent to the justices’ decision: Core issues belong at the state level, not in the hands of those at the federal one.

Alejandra believes that the court will ban contraception in any case.

“They’re coming for contraception, same-sex marriage, and the ability to criminalize LGBTQ people again. Let those justices feel all the anxiety, fear, and insecurity they want to cause us.”

It’s quite the prediction, and unrelated to the stated reasons behind Roe’s reversal.

Still, Alejandra isn’t the only one making such claims. Major moves are already in progress:


As for Alejandra’s call to “civic” action, there was a time when university law teachers might have been reluctant to publicly charge others with the task of terrorizing Supreme Court justices. This is now over.

Even so, the activist asserted something quite conservative: Abortion affects “women.”

That’s not so woke anymore–



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