Gun Safety Guide for Civilians

Owning a gun is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. Some civilians have guns for hunting while others have them for personal protection. Regardless of the reason you have a gun, you need to follow the same safety precautions to handle the firearm appropriately. The last thing anyone wants is someone hurt or killed due to not taking gun ownership seriously. Do not tolerate anyone fooling around with a firearm near you or anyone that you care about. 

Gun Safe When You Have Children 

Children need to be taught the importance of leaving guns alone. You should teach your children of a certain age about the safe handling of a gun. A gun safe is important as you do not want your child fooling around with the gun then accidentally hurting themselves or another person. Gun safes can be affordable and vary in size. If you have quite a few guns including hunting rifles, you likely will have to get a larger gun safe. A gun safe is also important so your firearm is not stolen as guns are a huge target of burglars due to the cash they can make quickly. 

Always Treat The Gun as Loaded 

You are going to need to check that a gun isn’t loaded multiple times. You should never point a gun at anyone unless you are planning to shoot them. Keeping the barrel of the gun down is important or holdstered is imperative. If you are cleaning your gun, do not assume that the gun is not loaded and always check for a bullet in the chamber. The gun should always be aimed in a clear direction in case of an accidental discharge. 

Keep Your Trigger Finger Outside of the Guard 

People that have only viewed movies with guns might think you should have your finger on the trigger. The only time that you should have your finger on the trigger is when you are ready to fire. There are some triggers that are far more sensitive than others. Regardless of this factor, keeping your finger outside of the guard will keep you from accidentally firing the gun. 

Appropriate Eyewear and Earplugs When Shooting 

If you are going to a commercial firing range that is indoors, you will be required to wear certain pieces of safety equipment. Firing ranges are very different depending on where you go. There are some that are outdoors while others are indoors. This can be the perfect place to learn how to use a firearm appropriately.

Invest in Safety Training  

A concealed weapons permit might not be what you want but taking the safety course is recommended. You should know how to use the gun that you own in a safe and efficient manner. These courses are widely available in certain locations and states. Florida is a great example of a state that has relatively relaxed firearm rules when compared to California. 

Pick a Firearm Appropriate For Your Needs 

You might have wanted a gun for quite some time but are not sure what you need. For home protection, a smaller firearm can do the job. A 45-caliber pistol might go through a target and a few walls of a neighbors home. A 22-caliber might be more reasonable for these needs as it can do the job in close quarters. You might even want to get a sights for your pistol to improve the accuracy of your shot. See available sights for Glock 43 or the gun that you are thinking about investing in. Purchasing all you need for your firearm at once could be wise especially if doing so online or at a gunshow. 

Check Your State Laws 

Moving from home state to another needs to be done after researching the gun laws. You could own a gun that is illegal in a specific state due to its magazine capacity or other factor. The last thing you want is to be arrested on firearm charges due to a lack of knowledge rather than attempt to break the law. Your concealed weapons permit might not be viable in another state so you will need to get your license in your new state. Traveling with a firearm has to be done with caution as you might not be licensed to carry a firearm in a specific state. 

Gun safety is the most important aspect of gun ownership. Guns can be a great pastime whether you are going hunting or to the shooting range. Take the time to do the appropriate training to ensure you are as safe of a gun owner as possible.

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