Police Investigating After ‘Ugly’ Effigy of Greta Thunberg Found Hanging From Bridge

Authorities in Italy are investigating after an effigy of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was found suspended by a noose on a bridge in Rome, according to multiple reports.

Italian media outlets on Monday said a group named Gli Svegli, which means “The Awake,” has taken responsibility for the stunt.

A sign reading “Greta is your God” was also found on the dummy, which was dressed in a yellow poncho and had pigtails, Yahoo News UK reported.

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Firefighters have since removed the effigy, and the mayor of Rome, Viginia Raggi, said in a Twitter post that the scene was “shameful.”

Raggi also said she stood in “solidarity” with Thunberg.

Leftist PD party leader Nicola Zingaretti joined Raggi in condemning the spectacle, calling it a display of “grisly violence,” according to Yahoo News UK.

“Greta Thunberg, I’m so sorry there are people like this out there”

Zingaretti and Raggi’s outrage was shared by Thunberg’s legion of supporters on social media.

The Swedish teen’s allies have been forceful in pushing back against critiques of the prominent activist.

Last month, following a star-making viral speech to United Nations Leaders, Thunberg’s supporters lamented that she’d been turned into a meme.

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“[S]he’s too pure for this life,” one commenter averred.

Richard Kim, enterprise director for HuffPost, finger-wagged at anyone who failed to take Thunberg, and climate change activists like her, seriously.

“The climate kids aren’t cute. They are furious. Greta Thunberg’s stern face isn’t a meme, it’s the face of righteous outrage. It’s a challenge,” Kim tweeted.

Commenters reacting to news of the effigy this week were similarly outraged and disturbed.

“This is literally never an okay way to express your feelings towards another human being, but CERTAINLY NOT towards a f—–g CHILD. I am appalled,” wrote one commenter.

“I’m so sorry there are people like this out there. You’re doing amazing,” said one Twitter user, directly tagging Thunberg in her tweet.

Another commenter said the affair was “so ugly,” he was declining to share an image of it on Twitter.

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