Greg Abbott’s Analogy Puts Biden’s Illegal Alien ‘Invasion’ Into Mind-Blowing Perspective – Opinion

RedState writers, for more than a year, have written article after article about the ongoing Biden Border Crisis™ and the ever-increasing number of illegal aliens surging to — and All — the Southern Border, threatening not only border towns and states but the interior of America, as well.

As I reported on July 5, multiple Texas Counties have now issued “declarations of invasion” in response to the worsening crisis. Moreover, as my colleague Nick Arama reported on June 30, the Supreme Court ruled against the “Remain in Mexico” policy — known formally as “Migrant Protection Protocols” — implemented under then-President Donald Trump.

As noted by CNS News, the decision that the Biden administration no longer must comply with the Remain in Mexico policy will result in roughly 18,000 “immigrants” illegally crossing the border each day — totaling more than six millionIt is estimated that it will be around $1,200 per year. Worse, these estimates were given by Biden administration.

During a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott put Biden’s illegal alien “invasion” into proper, eye-opening perspective:

Each year, we will receive about one Houston.

“So this is going to be a total disaster,” Abbott warned, as transcribed by CNS News, adding:

It was Texas that first led the charge in obtaining court decisions to preserve the Title 42 and Remain in Mexico policies. The Supreme Court, however, has dismantled the Remain Mexico Policy, as you have pointed out.

I will just share the Biden administration’s numbers. These figures were predicted by the Biden administration that we would see approximately 18,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border each day after these policies are eliminated.

Extrapolate that for an annual basis, you’re going to have more than 6 million people coming across the border a year.

Abbott remained incensed about Biden’s purposeful illegal invasion of his state, along with Arizona and California.

Listen, these counties are dealing with something that’s completely unprecedented. Keep in mind that just two years ago there was the lowest amount of people passing through the border. Also, there were a lot of apprehensions. Then, President Trump resigned and President Biden overtook all the Trump policies. This has allowed for an incredible, unprecedented increase in the number crossing the border.


Yes, there is an invading force of cartels crossing our borders that are bringing people to our country at unimaginable levels.

Abbott said “technical reasons” in the U.S. Constitution allow Texas to classify the Biden Border Crisis™ as an invasion, thus triggering additional strategies the Lone Star State and other states can implement against the ongoing crisis.

The U.S. Constitution has two sections, Article IV and Section Four. [and]Art. I, section 10. Article I, section 10.

Using those words serves a purpose: it activates additional strategies and ways that states can use to defend against cartel-driven actions.

The cartels followed.

In my July 5, article I mentioned that the Texas Department of Public Safety and the other state agencies under the Biden administration led to over 236,000 migrant arrests as well as nearly 14,000 criminal convictions. 11,300 felony charges.

As well, over 3,800 weapons have been confiscated and nearly $30 million worth of currency has been taken. And here’s arguably the most important statistic of all: In the ongoing battle against America’s real pandemic — deadly fentanyl — DPS agents have seized more than300,000,000 lethal dosesAll over the state

Bottom line:

As the Biden Border Crisis™ purposely continues unabated and the administration continues to concoct ridiculous “fixes,” tell outright lies, and ignore the massive spike in fentanyl overdoses, Texas and Arizona have been left to their own devices.

Meanwhile, citizens of the “sanctuary state” of California — the no-longer-Golden State, as it were — continue to fall victim to senseless deadly crimes that should not be happening, while Gavin Newsom, the state’s nutjob governor, continues to throw California tax-payer money at illegals as fast as he can.

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