GOP Senators Press the Breaks, Cautioning Voters That a Senate Majority is Not Guaranteed – Opinion

Republican senators sound the alarm over the possibility of their party being in minority after the midterm election.

The messaging here could mean two things — either they are saying this to encourage the GOP base to go out in droves and vote for GOP candidates — or they are already throwing in the towel and have given up due to some discouraging polls.

According to the polls, Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is leading and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance is losing his Senate race. As we all know, polls don’t tell the whole story, and most times, polls are incorrect.

This latest poll shows Vance in the Ohio Senate race. The poll was conducted by Impact Research/Democratic and is very encouraging.

For the Arizona Senate race this poll is the most current.

Both races are winnable, but if the GOP is going to give up already and go in with the mindset of a win will be if the Senate remains 50-50, then that’s what the reality of it will be. This tactic could prove to be effective if it is used to get the GOP base excited to vote.

The polls for the Pennsylvania Senate race have not favored Mehmet Oz, as the most recent poll showed Fetterman with a 17-point advantage, but if independents turn out due to the Biden administration’s failed policies, even Oz will have a chance to win. Turnout is everything.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) told CBS’ “Face the Nation” it’s “going to be a hard year.”

“We have 21 Republicans up, only 14 Democrats … The Democrats are outraising us, but we have good candidates. And I believe Joe Biden is going to be our key here.”

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, tried to temper the expectations. He told Fox News:

“I think it’s going to be very tight. There is a fifty-fifty nation. And I think when this Senate race smoke clears, we’re likely to have a very, very close Senate still, with us up slightly or the Democrats up slightly.”

Doug Heye is a Republican strategist

“There’s been a lot of curtain-measuring on the House sid,e and if Republicans take back the House but it’s by a small margin and they manage to hold onto the Senate even if it’s by one vote, that could cast how we view the election … We’ve seen the expectations game played a lot in Washington, and I think Scott is mindful of that, and depending on where expectations get set you could have a good night that’s defined as a bad night.”

Election Day is quickly approaching. The GOP must make every effort to persuade people to vote for red. As RedState’s Bonchie reported, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will hit the campaign trail this month – traveling to New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to help the GOP candidates cross the finish line. It’s going to take an all-hands-on-deck approach in all states, by voters who oppose Biden’s policies for the Republicans to win decisively in the House and win the majority in the Senate.

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