GOP Senator Bill Cassidy Signals He’s Down with Gun Control – Opinion

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, known affectionately as “Psycho Bill” by Louisiana conservative radio host Moon Griffon, has not been winning the hearts and minds of conservatives back home.

The state Republican Party has spoken out about his vote to impeach Donald Trump after the January 6 riot and his support of the bipartisan infrastructure bill — a bill he famously defended without knowing what was in it — and his dismissive attitude about high maternal mortality among the black community has earned him no new fans on either side of the aisle.

Nonetheless, the rumors across Louisiana rage on — Cassidy is considering a run for Governor in 2023.

The term limit for John Bel Edwards (Democratic Governor) is over and Democrats do not have an heir apparent. The Republicans are advancing several candidates, nearly all of which are much more conservative than Cassidy.

U.S. He seems keen to follow the Mitt Romney course. He wants to be the responsible moderate adult in the room, and he believes he doesn’t actually need conservatives to win a gubernatorial race.

Given his sudden interest in talking about the Democrats’ gun control proposals, this is all even clearer.

Cassidy, who joined Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, said that federal red flag laws and an expansion of required background checks on firearm sales are is “certainly something to discuss,” though he stopped short of endorsing specific measures.

“We have to do what is required that we can find 60 votes on to keep this from happening again,” Cassidy said.

“Stopped short of endorsing specific measures” is an expected move of a GOP Senator who wants to run for office again in a deep red state.

Both of those policies proposals wouldn’t have actually stopped the events in Uvalde Texas earlier this week. It is concerning to have red flag laws. These laws are prone to abuse and can pose a danger to due process. It’s clear given the Uvalde shooter’s history that the system once again failed a young man, given that police were called to his home multiple times, but it’s not clear if his behavior during those times would have triggered the red flag laws we see in other states.

And “expanded background checks” as proposed by national Democrats are even worse. These proposals will not stop the current situation. However, they make it possible for Democratic politicians and to remove Americans from guns.

Cassidy is the next. His support of opening “discussion” puts him at odds with his own state, which is currently trying to pass its own version of a constitutional carry bill. If he hopes to represent his state either in the governor’s mansion or in the U.S. Senate, he’s going to have to understand what his voters actually want. And taking part in these discussions isn’t it.

And let’s be honest: You don’t believe in starting the discussion with these policies unless you support these policies. Republicans have plenty of ideas about how to address this crisis, but red flag laws and other gun control measures aren’t on the list for a reason. Cassidy seems to be tired of pretending to being conservative. Cassidy seems to believe he is smarter then his electorate. He was elected to the Senate because of this.

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