Google’s Chrome Browser Suffers Major Hack – Opinion

Google warns Chrome users that a large hacker has successfully attacked their browser. They are not revealing who started the attack and what data was at greatest risk. The tech company is working to resolve bugs and other vulnerabilities for Chrome users.


Google said further hack details are currently being restricted by the company “until a majority of users are updated with a fix.”

Chrome browser users have the option to manually update their browsers using the settings feature. However, the browsers will update automatically within a few working days.

In a day and age when the “disinformation” police are hell-bent on limiting the free expression of Americans by labeling mere opinion a threat to democracy, it is more important than ever that internet users have every available tool in their reach to keep their information out of the hands of bad government actors, as well as petty criminals.

Check your Chrome passwords. Chrome has a feature that allows you to check if passwords are compromised.

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