Good Riddance To Bad Disinformation Rubbish – Opinion

President Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Disinformation Governance Board is dead…at least on life support.

This Tuesday The Washington Post reported that the new Orwellian department had been “put on hold” by the Department of Homeland Security due to the perplexing and completely, totally unexpected backlash from Americans who wonder if the “largest purveyor of misinformation” in the world is the appropriate entity to be determining what qualifies as disinformation when it comes to the free speech of private citizens.

You can call us insane!

Of course they did. The swift, stormy responses left progressives all over the world confused. The swift and stormy response labeled everyone being questioned a conspiracist, nutjob, or right-wing extremist. With almost every mainstream media available at your fingertips, those are easy accusations to amplify.

As it turned out, those charges became increasingly difficult to support after conservative media (doing the job the legacy media just won’t do) began investigating the new Information Czar, Nina Jankowicz. Every new fact revealed about her was even worse.

When progressives screamed that conservatives were being hyperbolic about the idea that the new disinformation board might try to police speech, conservative media uncovered video of Jankowicz saying she believes certain verified parties on Twitter should have the ability to edit problematic tweets to correct “disinformation” and “add context.”

When progressives insisted conservatives were being overreactive morons for suggesting that the disinformation board would be used to squash dissent on controversial social issues, conservative media dug up evidence of Jankowicz talking about the dangers of “gender disinformation.”

And then there’s the Broadway tunes.

It’s almost as if Biden’s team is choosing the worst female representatives possible so they can set them up as scapegoats for failure. Kamala Harris was touted as an “historical appointment” but has turned out to be one of the worst politicians we’ve seen in recent memory. Still, instead of pulling her alongside the White House and giving her dismal performance cover (the way they do with Biden), they’ve doubled down on her misery, throwing her unwinnable and unpopular assignments like the border and student loan forgiveness.

Jankowicz’ qualifications to head a government department disintegrated nearly immediately upon her introduction to the public. A better candidate could have been chosen to show the absurdity and dystopia of government disinformation boards. As crazy as Disinformation Governance Board thought, she was. They didn’t know that she was going to be destroyed immediately.

Maybe they did, and that’s the point. They don’t have to completely kill the idea of a Ministry of Truth. Now they can tuck it away for a rainy day on the back of the idea that it wasn’t the unconstitutional nature of the board that was the problem, but rather the messenger.

Whatever case, the idea is now tabled. Democrats will go back to the drawing boards to come up with a new way to stop Americans thinking for themselves.

You can say good riddance to disinformation garbage.

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