Global Buying and Selling of Equity Made Easy through Online Trading Platform

When it comes to mobile banking applications, there is more you can expect to get through such apps today. Here’s what DBS offers through launching its self-directed cryptocurrency online trading platform on the DBS Digibank app for its authorized customers.

If you are one of those eligible clients, you can now trade cryptocurrencies on DBS Digital Exchange (DDEx) at your leisure on this digibank application. What’s more, accredited investors in DBS Treasures will now have easy access to DBS Digital Exchange due to the continued demand for digital assets.

This recent action makes it easier for investors to gain access to DDEx, which is one of the world’s first bank-backed digital exchanges and is recognized for being smart, safe, and savvy for its 24-hour intelligent support.

Earlier, family offices, business and institutional investors, DBS Private Clients and Bank customers were the only ones who could trade cryptocurrency on the bank’s digital exchange. With this most recent move, accredited investors in the DBS Treasures section can use the service as well. To begin, an estimated 100,000 Singapore investors are eligible and qualified to use the services provided by DBS’ digital assets ecosystem.

With this AI-powered Digibank application, DBS can assist its customers in growing and safeguarding their wealth by staying ahead of the curve and offering easy and direct access to the financial solutions they look for. Extending access to DDEx is just another step in the bank’s

efforts to give intelligent investors a convenient and secure option to dabble in cryptocurrencies.

Many Features and Benefits of Online Equity Trading on the DGS Digibank App

You can find some distinctive features using this digibank app. Here are some significant ones.

You can receive alerts about prominent fluctuations and price changes in your assets.

The AI-powered tool can read your tastes and match similar stocks intelligently to your risk profile to help you invest confidently.

You can trade shares and monitor the changes online in seven major markets Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Also, you can track your investment success with your monthly consolidated statements for a one-stop shop in asset management.

Access trading services for Singapore stocks such as real-time stock prices and other market information. 

Get to enjoy competitive brokerage fees on SGX transactions, which can be as low as 0.12 per cent.

Other than the features, the benefits of using the app include:


Customers’ money can be directly deducted to support their DDEx transactions since their DBS bank accounts and DDEx custody accounts are seamlessly connected via DBS digibank. This eliminates the need for additional wire transfer costs, third-party processing, and complex fiat-stable coin-crypto conversions.

Get a complete picture of their investments

Clients now get a complete image of all their investments in one place, rather than having to flick between numerous platforms to keep track of their various holdings, including shares, bonds, foreign currency, and cryptocurrencies. Clients are better positioned to monitor and manage their money and make more educated decisions if they understand their portfolio in its totality.


To provide institutional-grade custody, DDEx leverages DBS’ significant experience in delivering secure custodial services and employs 100 per cent air-gapped, cold storage technology with multi-layered security architecture to address cybersecurity threats. Clients may trade with confidence in a safe closed-loop environment run by DBS.

It is a lot more. Digibank, as an exclusive online trading platform, evolves with you, and it can be tailored to your specific requirements, providing intelligent assistance 24 hours.

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