Glenn Youngkin’s Take-Charge Snowstorm Response Triggers Hurt Feelings on the Left – Opinion

Two weeks ago, Gov.-Elect Glenn Youngkin (R) was being blamed by liberals for the I-95 fiasco in Virginia even though he wasn’t yet governor, with the inauguration ceremony set to take place a week and a half after the winter weather event that dumped ice and snow on the roads and caused a back-up of some 90 milesOn the interstate, thousands were trapped for more than 24 hours by Tim Kaine (D), Virginia Senator.

This past Sunday, the day after Youngkin was sworn in to serve as the state’s 74th governor, he posted a photo to the “GovernorVA” Twitter page showing him and other state officials – presumably state emergency response officials – monitoring developments as another snowstorm was rolling through the area.

“Road conditions continue to vary across the Commonwealth,” Youngkin wrote. “Our team is closely monitoring roads and the forecast for this evening. Stay safe and follow the weather updates. Especially the I-81 corridor at this time.”

Here’s the photo:

Consider the former governor. Ralph Northam’s (D) disastrous handling of the prior storm and his equally awful response to criticism over it, I suspect Youngkin and his team thought that one good way to counter the impression that state government was asleep at the wheel when these things occurred was to actually give an example of what leadership during a statewide crisis is supposed to look like.

But because Democrats are still experiencing a lot of Hurt Feelings over the fact that Terry McAuliffe didn’t win in November, we had numerous hot takesThese were their responses to Youngkin, who tried to reassure them that everything was being managed.

Virginia State Senate President Pro tempore Lillie Louise Lucas, who we’ve been reliably told “has become THE Democratic Leader in Virginia thanks to a robust twitter presence,” had a similar reaction:

Understandably, DiGregorio’s tweet got ratioed by folks who were quick to remind him of a few things:

Imagine it!

Some others, such as yours truly were more understanding of the difficulties faced by Twitter Democrats still in denial. offering up “thoughts and prayers at this difficult time” and messages expressing how they were “so sorry this is happening to you.”

But seriously, if this is how they whine when he does what he’s supposed to in response to weather events, imagine what their reactions will be to the policy decisions he and his administration work to implement during his term? Oh wait, we’ve already gotten a preview of that, too, and it was delicious.

More, please.

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