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Young Girl Cries With Joy After Getting ‘High-Powered’ Gun as a Present — Liberals Appalled

A viral video showing a young girl receiving a gun as a gift resurfaced on social media this week, horrifying many liberal commenters.

Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta posted the footage to its Facebook page in January 2017. According to the post, the girl’s parents sent the video to Beretta.

In the minute-long clip a girl named Presley is seen reacting with joy at being gifted a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon, a shotgun commonly used for sport shooting. The video has racked up a whopping 21 million views on Facebook.

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Claude Taylor, a progressive activist known for his vehement opposition to President Donald Trump, shared the clip with his 219,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday.

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“A little girl gets her birthday present. This is a culture in distress,” Taylor said in a caption accompanying the video.

Many of the commenters replying to Taylor were similarly disturbed by the video.

“She struggles to open the case, but she’s going to have no trouble responsibly handling a high-powered weapon,” tweeted writer Cherie Winner.

After all the shooting horrors that have happened in schools her reaction is mind boggling. #AmericanGunFetish,” tweeted one commenter.

“Absolutely bizarre. These people are brainwashed,” said another Twitter user.

And still another commenter tweeted: “I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I just….couldn’t.”

“They cling to guns or religion”

A spate of mass shootings – including an incident in West Texas over the weekend that claimed the lives of seven people – have intensified an already heated national gun debate.

Gun control activists have renewed calls for increased restrictions on the purchase of firearms, citing data from organizations such as the Gun Violence Archive to claim that America is in the midst of a gun violence epidemic.

As the reaction to Taylor’s tweet shows, many liberals are confounded by their fellow Americans’ staunch refusal to abandon their guns. Barack Obama captured the sentiment in 2008, when he controversially said frustrated working-class voters in industrial towns “cling to guns or religion.”

Pundits have explored this cultural divide in a plethora of think-pieces. And a 2017 Pew Research Center survey provided a glimpse into the deepness of the rift on attitudes toward gun ownership.

The survey found that 74 percent of gun owners “associate the right to own guns with their own personal sense of freedom.” Only 35 percent of non-gun owners said the same.

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73 percent of gun owners could never see themselves not owning a gun, according to the survey. Among those that own firearms, 49 percent said that most or all their friends also own guns. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of non-gun owners said that all or most of their friends own guns.

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