Ghoulish Whoopi: ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ When the Unborn Have Rights, ‘I don’t Care’

The entire abortion debate is about the question of “when can an unborn baby get his rights as a person?” And on Thursday’s edition of The View, Whoopi Goldberg proved that the anti-life side of the debate not only refuses to engage in that part of the question, but flat-out doesn’t care what the factual answer is.

As they were nearing the end of their first Hot Topics segment about abortion and the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned, Goldberg (who also proved she didn’t care what the Holocaust was about) raged as self-described conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin got to the heart of the debate and why the pro-life side was so adamant about their position:

GRIFFIN : We have to have this uncomfortable conversation. What is the point at which a baby born in the womb has rights independent of its mother?

GOLDBERG: Listen. You don’t have to believe it.It doesn’t matter if I think it isn’t


GOLDBERG: Listen. It’s not necessary for me to say so.

BEHAR: This is not your problem.

GOLDBERG: It’s your decision. It’s up to you what you do with yourself and how your family operates.

“For me, I don’t care what your religious beliefs are,” Goldberg sneered. But Griffin kept at it and noted: “it’s not even a religion” question but rather “a philosophical debate” that we need to have as a society.



It’s clear that Goldberg doesn’t want to face the truth of the debate. On a previous show, she bitterly defended abortion by saying “Making that decision is not easy! It’s not something people do lightly!” But why is it not easy, Whoopi? It’s because, as humans, we know abortion is taking a life. She also claimed in the same rant that the baby could choose whether or not an abortion occurs.

Joy Behar complained that Americans get too caught up in pesky issues like gasoline price and inflation. She also lamented the fact that Americans don’t care enough about the loss of their rights to be free from the control of corrupt Republicans.

It is my opinion Americans live in denialThis is exactly what the Republican Party intends to do. They want to abolish voting rights.They wish to repeal gay rights. (…) They are working to overturn women’s rights. (…) But I really think that Americans are not aware because they’re worried about gas prices understandably. Understandably, they are worried about inflation.

“But the larger issue is that we are losing our rights on a regular basis, and I don’t think that Americans get it. “I really do not believe that.” she chided. She was also upset that Americans were too “sympathetic and empathetic” to the rights of Ukrainians rather than their own. Meanwhile, Behar had worried that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would harm her vacation to Italy.

Sunny Hostin’s co-host Griffin was also on hand. After Hostin cherry-picked a poll saying “64 percent of Americans polled do not want Roe to be overturned,” Griffin shot back by noting a Pew Research poll showing 71 percent want some form of limitation on abortion (a 2022 Knights of Columbus/Marist polls shows similar results).

This ghoulish refusal to admit an unborn child has right was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from L’Oréal and Olay. You can find their contact information here.

Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
April 12, 2022
Eastern at 11:07 a.m.


JOY BEAR: This is what I’d like to share. It seems like there is an even bigger problem at hand right now. Americans seem to be in denial about the plans of the Republican party. They want to abolish voting rights. They want to abolish gay rights.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG – Keep repeating it each day.

BEHAR: They are trying to destroy women’s human rights. I agree with you. I consider the Democrats to be in a way. I also include myself in that category as a Democrat. As Obama was able to win a majority of the vote, I think they ought to have been more thorough in codifying.

SUNNY HOSTIN – Codifying Roe


BEHAR:  And they didn’t. But they didn’t. The wedge issue has been abortion. They have used abortion as a wedge issue on both sides, and that is quite sad. It’s hard to believe that Americans do not know this, as they worry about gas prices. Understandably, they are worried about inflation. The bigger issue is that Americans are constantly losing their rights, which I think is a problem. It’s not something I believe in.


BEHAR: The people of Ukraine are sympathetic to those who are losing democracy. But they don’t care about their country.

HOSTIN: This is why this, in my opinion, is so dumb by – for the Republican Party. Now we know that the Republican Party is actually the MAGA party. This party also includes the ultra MAGA. It’s such an extremist party because it’s not in line with the American people. 64% of Americans polled don’t want Roe to change. It is interesting to note that this number also includes independents. This includes Democrats, as well as a significant number of Republicans. This includes both men and women.

We are headed towards the midterms if we look at these numbers. Inflation was a major issue for voters before. Since May 3, abortion has been a top issue in the country.

BEHAR: We’ll see.

HOSTIN: They have worked for fifty years to pack court, because that is what they’ve been doing. They got what they wanted by bringing in three conservative justices to the court and changing its composition. Now the bottom line, I believe people will go and vote for these people. They must be removed.

ALYSSA FARAH FIFFIN: These are the correct numbers.

HOSTIN: The numbers are accurate, of course. HOSTIN: I’m not wrong with the numbers.


BEHAR: She is a sunny hostin!

Pre Research shows that 71% of Americans agree with the need to limit abortion. This calls for a dialogue.

HOSTIN: There are some limitations but they’re not prohibited.

GRIFFIN : We have to have this uncomfortable conversation. What is the point at which a baby born in the womb has rights independent of its mother?

GOLDBERG: Listen. You don’t have to believe it is. It doesn’t matter if I think it isn’t.


GOLDBERG: Listen. You don’t need me to say anything.

BEHAR: That’s not my business.

GOLDBERG: It’s your decision. It’s up to you what you do with yourself and how your family operates.

GRIFFIN – It is really difficult.


GRIFFIN : This is not a religion. It is philosophical. What time does the baby leave the womb?


[Producer tells them they’re out of time]

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