Georgia School District Blows off Parents’ Concerns About Explicit Reading Materials – Opinion

Forsyth County School district in Georgia ignored parents’ concerns about some reading materials being provided to children in its schools. One mother had to be banned from participating in school board meetings because she was able to read portions from books that were deemed problematic.

Teachers Exposed reported that the conflict began in this case when the mother read parts of a book that is carried by her son’s middle school library. The mother was forced to stop reading certain parts and wasn’t allowed to continue. Mother and her other parents were told by the board that they had to give the books to the media panel for their review. Parents have been frustrated that only one book can be reviewed simultaneously and it can take as long as 30 days.

After the mother read aloud from books titled “Georgia Peaches” and “Other Forbidden Fruit,”Chairperson Wes McCall stopped McCall and called off the meeting. She was then sent a note by McCall informing that she would no longer be allowed to attend meetings. It read as follows:

Until you can declare in writing that you agree to follow the Board’s rules for public participation and my directions during public participation, it is prohibited that you attend Board of Education meetings.

Other parents raised concerns about books in schools libraries. However, the media committees dismissed their claims. This is the response.

The committee completed a detailed evaluation of the book. This included reading it through and carefully considering all objections.

One of the books in question is titled “Call Me By Your Name.” Because it depicts a relationship between an adults and minor, the 2007 book has caused controversy.

One parent sent a complaint to Vickery Creek Middle School, about a book titled “Shine,”That was also rejected. Students are taught from the sixth through eighth grades. This is one example of a passage that upset parents.

“You ain’t wearing a bra,” he murmured. He reached for my collarbone with his hand and continued on, like a tiny tadpole sliding beneath rocks. He squeezed my breast, grazing his thumb back and forth over my n*****. His voice grew husky. “You like that. huh?”

While the left insists that no inappropriate material is being allowed in schools and libraries, it continues to claim otherwise. It seems like every week there are new evidences that prove this assertion is false. As with Critical Race Theory (CRT), progressives seem to be relying on a “see no evil hear no evil” strategy while pretending concerned parents are just trying to ban books. They are not fooling anyone, but it doesn’t appear they do. wantDon’t be fooled.

It is outrageous that schools would ignore legitimate concerns raised by parents. This does not necessarily mean that they will win the final battle. We have seen parents organize to hold educational institutions responsible for teaching racist lessons in schools.

I predicted a while ago that issues related to gender and sexuality would become just as important – if not more important – than CRT. We are only witnessing the beginning of a fight that I anticipate will take center stage very soon.

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