Gavin Newsom Reveals the Hilariously Dumb Reason He’s Targeting Ron DeSantis – Opinion

Gavin Newsom began a one-sided feud recently with Ron DeSantis after dropping an ad buy in Florida proclaiming California the real bastion of “freedom” in the country. I say one-sided because DeSantis has taken the “I don’t even think about you at all” approach to the situation, continuing to focus on scoring wins in his state while Newsom flails wildly, attempting to position himself for a 2024 run.

The California governor hasn’t taken the hint that DeSantis just isn’t that into him, though. Newsom lashed out again in an interview the FOX LA anchor Elex Michaelson, calling the Florida governor a “bully” and shouting “Who the hell are you?” while trying to wax poetic about people who “look” and “love” differently.

Now, Newsom has revealed the reason for his obsession, and it’s absolutely hilarious, both because of how absurd it is and because of the fact that the California governor apparently has no critical thinking skills.

It’s almost like Newsom is playing Joe Biden low-rent, always bringing up Charlottesville to motivate him for his bid for the presidency. Except, in this case, Newsom’s reason is pathetically weak. He’s mad that DeSantis threatened fines against the organization that runs the Special Olympics because they were trying to impose a COVID vaccine mandate that ran up against state law? That’s the best this gel-headed wonder could come up with to make himself seem principled and tough?

It’s absurd in that Newsom’s reason is such small tea that it provides zero justification for the governor of a state over 2000 miles away to meddle in Florida. Even if DeSantis had viciously targeted the Special Olympics in some unfair way, that’s what Newsom thinks will make him a national hero?

Of course, that’s not what DeSantis did, and Newsom’s lack of critical thinking ability is apparent in his criticism. Special Olympics’s management tried to exclusion deserving athletes by determining whether or not they had received the COVID vaccination. This has two problems. One, the vaccine doesn’t stop spreading, which made the mandate completely pointless and purely political. Two, some children who participate in the Special Olympics have conditions that don’t allow them to get the vaccine.

These athletes might have been exterminated if Newsom wanted it that way to help corporate bosses feel good about themselves. DeSantis wasn’t going to stand by and let that happen. The law was enforced, everyone was allowed to attend, and the mandate was canceled. As he’s done the entire pandemic, DeSantis put the well-being of children first, not the deranged rantings of politicians.

Newsom thinks DeSantis, Florida’s bad man, is because he permitted More Instead of wasting time virtue signaling about the COVID vaccine, encourage people to join the Special Olympics. If that’s his message for 2024, good luck with that.

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