Gavin Newsom Is Vacationing in Montana Despite State Being on California’s Banned Travel List – Opinion

Democratic California Gov. CalMatters reports that Gavin Newsom has been reported to be vacationing in Montana while he is not allowed on taxpayer-funded trips.

“@GavinNewsomHe is currently on vacation in Montana. His office had been loath to disclose the location until now,” CalMatters reporter Emily Hoeven tweeted Tuesday night.

“Montana is one of 22 states to which CA bans state-funded travel due to anti-LGBTQ+ policies. It’s also likely to institute an abortion ban.”

It begs the question, “Were taxpayer funds used to pay for this trip? Even for security measures for the governor?” If Democrats from the state feel so tense about going to these countries in their official capacities, they shouldn’t go on vacations there either. In situations such as these, officials from the state will also be set up by setting unreasonable standards.

It’s okay for states to disagree on how they approach issues, but it is arguably excessive to flat-out ban state-funded travel to these places. California leads the charge in divisiveness and hostility toward the rest of the country, as a nation that has been suffering from political Polarization.

Newsom’s record is not informing media outlets where he travels. RedState 2021 reports that Newsom was photographed at the Getty family wedding, despite not having been in public for many weeks.

To match his anger towards Florida, I wonder if Governor Montana will soon air Montanan TV ads.

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