Galaxy-Brains Find the Real Culprit Behind Russia’s Aggression Under Joe Biden: Donald Trump – Opinion

The White House recently announced intelligence suggesting that Russia could invade Ukraine anytime. That reality has followed a recent escalation of hostilities between the US ally and Vladimir Putin’s state.

Of course, that escalation didn’t always exist. While Russia was aggressive under Barack Obama and invaded the Crimea region in Ukraine, which it continues to hold to this date), Putin did not manage to amass any invasion forces during the previous administration.

Despite that, Democrats and a former CIA stati chief believe they’ve found the real culprit here: Donald Trump.

That’s some serious four-dimensional thinking. This galaxy brain, Harwood included, believes Russia only wants to invade Ukraine to help Donald Trump get elected. Yet, Russia waited until a year into Joe Biden’s term to possibly make this move because…Donald Trump?

It’s hard to express how little sense that theory makes. It is implausible that a weaker, more divided United States would lead to Russian aggression. This is despite the fact that the country was divided during four years of Trump’s presidency. Why didn’t Putin make his move then if this ridiculous theory holds any water?

Further, domestic divisions change absolutely nothing about Biden’s ability to counter such aggression from Russia. Last I checked, NATO was still in existence. What about getting Germany not to be so friendly to Moscow? Then there’s the issue of sanctions, which played a large role in keeping Putin at bay under Trump. Biden removed the Nordstream 2 sanctions after taking office. Ted Cruz tried to reinstate them by legislation, but the Biden Administration opposed that bill. The bill was defeated when the Democrats filibustered it.

Yet, it’s Donald Trump’s fault that Russia is running rampant under a Democrat administration just as it ran rampant under the last Democrat administrator? John Harwood doesn’t actually believe that, and if this former CIA station chief does, he serves as more proof of how unbelievably corrupt and incapable our bureaucracies continue to be.

Russia has been moving now that Joe Biden, an inept and feckless President who appears to be senile, is weak. No one fears him because they know he’s under the thumb of the Europeans, who are seeking to increase their reliance on Russian oil while at the same time demanding the United States protect them from Russia. It’s an asinine situation and one that Putin is more than capable of taking advantage of.

It is impossible to alter that regardless of how many CNN and other deep-state hangers-on spout comments about Donald Trump. This is Biden’s fault for domestic problems.

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