Liberals Mock Blind, Autistic Boy Who Painted an American Flag for Trump

Commenters on social media mocked a visually impaired Georgia boy who created a painting of the American flag for President Donald Trump.

Randy Hogue helped his grandson Gage, who was born blind, produce a painting entitled, “The Crying Flag.” Then they mailed a print of the work to the White House.

Gage is also autistic and mostly nonverbal.

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In an interview with a local news outlet aired this week, Hogue described receiving a letter from the president earlier this month. In it, Trump thanked Gage for the “beautiful painting.”

“It really excites him to think he achieved something. Everybody knows he didn’t paint it on his own. But it’s his painting,” Hogue told WSB-TV.

Reading the letter aloud for the cameras, Hogue highlighted the last words from Trump’s note: “You are beautifully made in the image of God. I hope you always remember you are loved and cherished by so many.”

The reaction to Gage Hogue on social media

While many Twitter users received the report on the Hogues as a feel-good story, the president’s critics took a more cynical stance.

Anton Newcombe, lead singer for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, said Gage’s work was a “perfect metaphor.”

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“[A] blind white kid paints a picture of the american flag for the donkey,” he tweeted to his nearly 50,000 followers.

Some commenters “blamed” Hogue’s parents.

“Child abuse,” tweeted one Twitter user, whose profile describes her as a “Democrat who loves President Obama.”

Another commenter was similarly blunt, tweeting: “F-ck that kid.”

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