Friday Cartoon: Biden’s White House Yard Sale

Biden presented Medals of Freedom on Thursday to the deserving Americans. Biden also placed one on Megan Rapinoe who hates America. In attendance was the smartest guy Joe knows — Hunter Biden. A weekend was spent at Camp David by the Big Guy, and his bagman. They discussed only things common to families. No, not really. There’s little doubt that they discussed “family business” which means the corrupt influence peddling and money laundering the Biden crime family has engaged in, principally in China and Ukraine. I wonder if Hunter recorded that conversation. Hunter might offer to give up his father in the event of Hunter needing to agree on a contract. Hunter could offer his father a 100 percent guarantee that he would put him in front of an electric train so that he doesn’t go to prison. Heck, he’d probably do that for a single line of coke.

Joe Biden has demonstrated that he’s dangerously incompetent at being president. Heck, he’s incompetent just riding a bike, but he’s also the most compromised and corrupt man to occupy the presidency — ever.

Biden gave up his rights to the CCP. Does it just protect Biden’s drug-addled son or the Big Guy protecting him?

Whatever it is, everything is for sale to the CCP, and Joe’s bagman is the reason.

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