Freeform’s ‘grown-ish:’ Okay to Lie on Resume Because ‘System is Designed to Work Against POC’

While the Winter Olympics in China may have just begun, there are still strong Woke Olympics in America. -ish franchiseTelevision shows. It has held steady first in race-baiting. But Freeform’s grown-ish helped them take the lead on gender fluidity as well on Thursday’s episode, “Mr. Right Now.”

In the opening five minutes, the divisive race-baiting began as the students lectured about systemic racism. Aaron (Trevor Jackson), perhaps the show’s wokest character who teaches a class at Cal U on black issues in which he allows the students to discuss anything except “whiteness,” is having a discussion with his friend Vivek (Jordan Buhat) at a diner.

Vivek explains he’s having anxiety over landing a new job because he lied on his resume about his criminal history. His misdemeanor in selling drugs was the focus. Aaron acts nonchalantly, telling Vivek he needs to let the anxiety go because the system “is designed to work against people of color, especially those who have been in legal trouble.”

Aaron: What do you know? You know what? Talk to your co-workers in the break room about it tomorrow.

Vivek: Too controversial a topic. I don’t want to draw any attention to myself at this new gig, seeing as I lied on my résumé to get in there. Ah! God. So much anxiety. I might have made an error.

AaronMan, you need to stop worrying about it. What is anxiety for? You lied about an offense. This happens. Realize that the system was designed to discriminate against people of color and those in trouble with the law. You took the necessary steps.

Vivek: Yeah. You’re right. You are correct. It is not all about me getting the job, but how I perform when I am there.

Aaron: Yes, exactly. So you enter there and tell them Vivek Shah’s identity.

Show them Vivek Shah’s identity. A dishonest employee who thinks it’s okay to lie and cheat “the system” that’s wide open with opportunities for people of every color? Yeah, he’d better hope they actually don’t see “who Vivek Shah is.”

Jazz (Chloe Bailey), an openly bisexual, and gender fluid trackstar, is in a second storyline. Jazz accepts that he’s “into all types of people,” but has natural misgivings when he announces he’s planning to wear a dress to his team’s formal banquet they’ll be attending.

Jazz: Okay. This is giving me the “Cover of GQ” vibes. It would make a great banquet.

DesMM. I do not know. This is what I’m thinking.

Jazz: It’s too trendy. This look is too overdone.

Des: Y-you’re kidding, right?

Jazz?I don’t know. It would be a good idea to read more GQ than Glamour.

Des: Okay. It is a strange conversation.There’s more to what I sense. What’s the problem? Seriously.

Jazz: Uh, okay. Although I was really trying to avoid saying anything, it was quite surprising that you arrived in a gown the night we met. Surprises are usually a good thing. But in this case… It was quite confusing.

Des: It was mine. My dress was not perfect.

Jazz: That’s what I did. It is. It’s not a good idea. A guy wearing a gown is something that I have mixed feelings about. Let’s face it, I have a problem. It’s not your problem. It’s just that I need more time to get through this, then I will be okay.

Des: You’re all set. Cool. You can be more comfortable if it’s possible. If it makes you more comfortable, I will wear the suit.

Jazz: Seriously?

Des: Yeah. It isn’t a huge deal.

JazzThank you. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You can trust your gut instincts girl. This is not your issue, nor is it “really messed up” to want your man to be manly!  When Jazz shows up to meet Des for their date, he comes out in what TV Line describes as “a really fly belted black dress.” Jazz tells him she needs more time to be comfortable with his attire. But Des breaks up with her over her natural misgivings, or as TV Line calls it, her “prejudices.” 

Des: What’s good?

Jazz: Hey. Uh, I… I didn’t think –

Des: Thank you for your thoughts. It was something I wanted so badly to be able to don the tuxed blazer you chose for me, to go to formal with you by my side and have an unforgettable night.. The amazing thing about everything was that I wore what you requested, not what I actually wanted. Even though I feel you deeply, I can’t imagine being with anyone who wouldn’t love me.

Jazz: It’s just… It’s a problem that I still have, so I told you I was going to work on it. However, I am happy with you as is.

DesCheck out:You’re great with me being open to all people. But, that’s not the thing you have a problem with. It’s part of my identity and expression. And…I love all aspects of myself, and won’t wait to be happy for another.

JazzDes: I believe you are taking everything wrongly.

Des: Fine. If you are…Come along with me to the banquet as I am.

Jazz: I’m sorry.

Des: It’s true. Your eyes are beautiful tonight.

So, Des shouldn’t be shamed for who he is or how he feels, but Jazz should be shamed for who she is and how she feels? That’s it. You should really just list the entire thing. -ish franchise woke-ishAt this point.

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