Free Speech Means Sometimes Explaining Jokes to Idiots Like Bill Maher Just Did – Opinion

Bill Maher understands the importance of Free Speech and being able to freely express one’s opinions.

Let me now clarify this before I move on to the main topic of this article: idiots don’t get jokes. Maher is NONConservatives are my favorite, which I wrote about previously in this article called Don’t Put Classic Liberals Like Bill Maher on a Pedestal, but Appreciate Their Honesty. This is exactly what I’m doing here.

My colleagues on this site have often written about Maher, his common-sense speaking and other topics.

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My colleague. Nick Arama writes in her piece above…

Bill Maher, the comedian, is clearly a liberal. But one of the things that makes him interesting is that he can see the hypocrisy on the left, and he’s not shy about calling them out when he sees it.

While the media covered what Maher said on Friday about the infamous “slap” by Will Smith and his wife’s alopecia, there was another subject that he covered that didn’t get as much attention from the media — and it’s obvious why. He spoke out about the Hunter Biden scandal. It was not just Hunter’s actions and question of influence-peddling but also the scandalous media covering it all. They didn’t want that out there before the election, because it didn’t help the narrative they were trying to push about Joe Biden.

The liberal media were all-in, trying to promote the image of nice, old Joe Biden, who’s going to bring back “norms” after President Donald Trump had so offended them with his mean tweets. They wanted to shut down any evidence that would discredit that fiction. Videos of a son smoking crack, emails about “10 percent for the big guy,” and talking about possible blackmail from Russians with a prostitute could certainly destroy that image.

So as you can see, if you are speaking common sense, people can come together — regardless of whether or not they agree on if the Federal Government should be bigger or smaller. Support any person who speaks on an issue you believe in, regardless of whether or not you agree.

Now, let me get to the point: explaining humor attempts to idiots. Maher tackled this subject last night at the end of his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. Here is the clip, which is well worth watching just for the breakdown of his Zapruder film riff on Will and Jada’s reaction right after the Chris Rock joke.

Maher does a good job of breaking down how a joke works and what exactly Chris Rock did that night — and how non-offensive it really was. His premise was that any jokes might make you feel hurtful should end.

We’re all sick of talking about the slap but I’m sorry, one more thing needs to be said. Since a while, comedians have come under fire. It’s time for me to stand by my tribe. It is time to end the war on jokes.

He is right on the mark with his argument against cancel culture. This argument can be used in both directions, regardless of political affiliations.

Kathy Griffin, holding up the fake head of Donald Trump during his presidency might have been considered bad. It was viewed as a bad idea by Trump supporters. Yet Griffin should not have been canceled, just like Roseanne Barr, who was a Trump supporter, should not have been canceled when tweets of hers — that were jokes, also in bad taste — were used to hammer her into submission until she lost her show.

Humor can sometimes prove offensive. Words can also sometimes be hurtful. We don’t want to be living with a precedent that requires us to kill anyone who doesn’t think or talk according to the accepted hive mentality.

Maher said this at the end of his segment.

The thing is the people who can’t take a joke now are not old ladies in the Bible Belt but are the Gen Z crowd at elite colleges, where comedy goes to die. Instead of going to college to get their virginity back, today’s students are there to loose their senses.

It was flawless.

I don’t need to agree with Bill Maher on very many things to recognize that he is spot-on with calling out the nonsense of wokeness and cancel culture. This is a fight worth having because it is a war over whether or not ideas can be expressed in a number of different ways — no matter anyone’s feelings over it.

I’ll stand with Bill Maher all day, every day on this issue.

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