Fox Showcases TRUTH: Video of Armed Store Owners Stopping Violent Robbers

Twice this week, Fox News Channel has shown viewers the kind of pro-gun story that should be seen a lot more often as the media are usually fixated on guns used by criminals while ignoring those used by law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Tuesday, Fox & FriendsThe show featured as a guest an owner of a San Francisco jewelry shop who used his gun to fend off a group smash-and-grab burglars. This has been a common occurrence in California’s soft-on crime.

On Wednesday, however, Fox & Friends FirstShow interviewed an Ohio gas station owner, who used his gun to stop an attempted armed robbery. Both cases had surveillance footage that captured the owner of the gas station in action, defending his store.



Carley Shimkus was the fill-in anchor for Tuesday’s segment at 7:42 am Eastern.

This incredible moment shows how small businesses can be robbed in smash-and-grab robberies. California shop owner takes matters into his hands. The owner of a California jewelry shop was confronted with a potential robber who tried to smash a display case in his store. He also owned a legally-owned handgun.

Maaz Jewelers’ owner, Usman Bhatti, recalled how he used his gun to repel the robbers. He then blamed the state for its lenient laws that encouraged such criminal behavior.

On Wednesday’s Fox & Friends First, at 4:29 a.m., Ashley Strohmier as fill-in co-host introduced her guest, Raj Patel, who runs a gas station in Ohio, and got him to recount how the attempted robbery began. Patel said that the customer returned to his vehicle and bought a shotgun. This prompted Patel to get his gun out to try to scare him off.



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Fox & Friends

February 1, 2022

Eastern: 7:42 am

CARLEY SHIMKUS, FILL-IN CO-HOST: As small businesses fall victim to smash and grab robberies, take a look at this incredible moment. California shop owner takes matters into his hands. An armed robber attempted to ramming into the Bay Area jewelry shop and smashing the display case. But the owner, who was legally authorized to own a handgun, confronted him. The suspect fled with one of his accomplices. The owner of Maaz Jewelers, Usman Bhatti, joins us now, Usman, good morning to you. It is a very scary situation. Was this a scary moment for you?

USMAN BHATTI, OWNER of MAAZ JEWELERS: Hello. It was horrible. It’s happened lately, it seems like. In October. Since then, there have been four months of waiting. Lucky that I stood outside. I stopped them, That’s (inaudible )…). It was sad.

SHIMKUS: Yeah, well, I understand police showed up within minutes, and when they did show up, they weren’t even surprised that something like this happened — and it’s for good reason — because these smash-and-grab robberies are happening all the time. Is there a reason you think it is?

BHATTI: Law. They know that they can get away with this, but nothing has been done so far. You know they have the video footage. They’re working on it, but so far I’m not hearing anything. It didn’t happen. They know nothing will happen. Imagine how many years they’ll spend in jail, then they’ll come out with a clean criminal record for up to 18 more years and they’ll look even better.


Fox & Friends First

February 2, 2022

Eastern at 4:29

ASHLEY STROMIER, FILL IN CO-HOST: Please explain what you saw from your perspective. He walks in, then he goes back. Did you have an uneasy feeling? Did you have to, sort of, hold your ground and defend yourself? Did he need to bring the gun before you took action?

RAJ PATAL, GASS STATION OWNER: He first came in as a client and tried to purchase a chocolate and chips. And he put it on the counter, so I scanned it, and he told me that he will be right back. He would like to know the brand of cigarette it is and if there are any passengers in the car. He was not there in the time I expected, so I started to drink my bottled waters. After I had finished my water, he came in carrying a gun and told me that he was cussing strongly. He also told me to give him all of his money or else he would kill me. The story began when I put down my water bottle.

STROHMIER. Well, I will tell you something, just by watching this loop it does not seem like there were any hesitations on your part. If I’m mistaken, you did see the gun. You pulled it out without thinking. But that is your right to protect yourself and your business. 

PATEL: Yes. Yes. Yes.

STROHMIER. What message are you sending? While we’re talking, may I show the suspect’s mugshot so you can see him. The suspect was actually arrested. It was the shot you fired — it was called “warning shots”. Do you believe that that is what police did to slow down him — eventually, police caught up with him.

PATL: He did. As soon as I shot the gun, he fell off the table and fled the scene. I called police and they chased him down with helicopter assistance.

STROHMIER – Okay. Before I leave you, let me just point out that the suspect has been accused of participating in at most two other robberies, in another county, according to police. Bravo for being strong and able to defend your company and your personal interests.

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