Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Insists Tacos Are ‘American Food’ to Confused Mexican Journalist

​”It’s an American food. It’s an American food!… Those are my tacos. Mine!”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson got into a confusing debate Thursday with Univision journalist Enrique Avecedo that ended with Carlson strongly asserting that tacos are “an American food.”

Earlier this week, a Houston, Texas, chef came under ​harsh criticism for posing for a picture with Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the AG, who conducts the administration’s hardline immigration crackdown, dined at his Tacquoria.

In a caption on the photo, the chef described serving Sessions as an “honor.”

Criticism of the chumminess between Sessions and the chef came rapidly from many liberal outlets, including the Spanish-speaking ​network Univision, who were uncomfortable seeing the AG enjoying the cuisine of the people he’s been dogging down.

In an interview Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Univision’s Avecedo defended backlash, against Carlson who thought the who considered the whole thing a bit farcical.

But Carlson ramped up the farce just fine all by himself.

Avecedo tried convincing Carlson that this was a matter of cultural respect. “This is what people are pointing out,” he said. “The contradiction between attacking someone’s culture, someone’s story and then celebrating their food.”

At this, Carlson erupted. “What do you mean ‘their’ food? It’s American food!”

Laughing roaringly, Carlson asked, “What do you think, you own tacos now, or something?”

Though the folded tortilla has been popular on the southern border for over a century, experts believe the tradition ​had in fact originated in Mexico and was brought across the border by early 20th-century immigrants.

Here’s the play-by-play:

Carlson tried to establish the ground rules: “I’m totally opposed to illegal immigration. I think our legal immigration should be lower because the country is getting too volatile. Those are my sincere views. I also like Mexican food. Should I be allowed to eat Mexican food?”

After Avcedo explained his discomfort with people tarnishing a culture but then celebrating its cuisine, Carlson cut in with a throaty guffaw: “What do you mean ‘their food’? It’s American food. It’s American! What do you think, you own tacos now or something? I love this, it’s so crazy!”
Avecedo answered that “of course” nobody owns tacos. But Carlson, fair and attentive, ignored him: “Oh, really? Because it sounds like you feel like you own tacos. I feel like I do. I feel like they’re an American food, and I’m going to keep eating them even though I agree with Jeff Sessions.”

Avecedo noted that he was glad Carlson likes tacos and said that Mexico and the US should embrace each other’s cultures. But Carlson kept on Carlsoning: “No! What do you mean each other’s cultures? It’s an American food. It’s an American food! You’re not going to appropriate my culture. I’m from San Diego, man. Those are my tacos. Mine!”

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