Former Reddit CEO Said Elon Musk Is ‘In For A World Of Pain’

Reddit’s ex-CEO stated that Elon Musk didn’t realize what he was doing when he suggested buying Twitter.

Yishan Wong said that Musk was “in for a world of pain” if he bought Twitter and that “he has no idea.”

Wong’s Twitter thread said Musk shouldn’t waste time on the platform.

“Elon won’t fix any problems. This I know for certain. Wong: “He doesn’t know what he is up to.” tweeted.

Wong said the growth of the modern internet “forced” Twitter to censor certain content.

Large social networks platforms are subject to censorship. He said that if you manage a sufficient-sized social media platform, you may be forcibly to censure things. claimed. “Not by governments or even by users, but by emergent dynamics within the social network.”

He added that some ideas are “powerful and dangerous” and that social media platforms have a responsibility to users to enforce content moderation.

And it doesn’t mean that some ideas are bad or good, true or false. “It has to do with the operational problems that occur with large groups of humans who disagree on digital platforms.” he said.

Wong also said that Musk’s purchase of Twitter would “hurt all of humanity.”

He said, “And, the worst part, that will hurt ALL OF HUMANITY is that it will distract from his Mission at SpaceX, Tesla. It’s not going to suckup his attention. IT WILL DAMAGE HIS PSYCHE.” said.

Musk didn’t respond directly to these claims via Twitter, but said that the platform was “way overdue” for long form tweets.

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