Former Clinton Lawyer Gambit to Dismiss Case Fails Miserably — Now, Hillary Has to Be Sweating – Opinion

The latest ruling in the case against Michael Sussmann, a former Clinton lawyer seems to have made it clear that Clinton-land is unhappy.

As we previously reported, after filings in the case exploded all over the news about surveillance on Donald Trump’s DNS look-ups, someone must not have appreciated the attention that Hillary Clinton was once again getting in the case. Then came a motion to dismiss the case from Sussmann’s attorney. Sussman was charged with making a false statement to the FBI because he told the FBI general counsel James Baker that he wasn’t working for any clients when he fed them information smearing Donald Trump with the Alfa Bank allegations, when in fact Sussmann was working for Tech Executive-1 (Rodney Joffe) and the Clinton campaign.

This deceit led to the FBI investigating the matter and not realizing that the Clinton campaign was the catalyst. The Alfa Bank allegations — that somehow the Trump Organization was communication with the Kremlin-connected Alfa Bank — were subsequently debunked.

But the decision on that motion came in on Wednesday and it was denied, as I’d predicted was likely to happen.

Sussmann’s attorneys moved to dismiss the case, arguing that the alleged lie for which Sussmann is being prosecuted wasn’t “material” as required by the charge.

The judge found that the question of materiality was up to the jury, so he couldn’t dismiss the matter, and that the government had to be allowed to present its case on the matter. Judge ruled in favor of dismissal.

The judge also accidentally confirmed the identity of Tech Executive-1 — by including Rodney Joffe’s name in the filing.

The case will now proceed to trial, with no postponements.

Now, that can’t make Hillary Clinton happy because Sussmann’s options as to what to do are running out. You have two options: plead guilty or to go to court, and there is more evidence that could be presented about the Clinton campaign plot. Meanwhile, once he is up against the wall on the charge, then that’s the time where the Special Counsel would likely be pressing for more information on the plot — who knew what when, and all the further details.

This seems like the net is closing in on us. In this regard, John Podesta has been interviewed as have officials from Hillary For America.

So, grab the popcorn: if he doesn’t plead out, we may get to see some fun testimony and a lot of sweating from the Clinton team.

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