Florida’s Growing Home Ownership Appeal

Florida has become something of a divisive state as of late. The warm weather and unique culture attract some while completely off putting others. Yet the state is now the second most popular housing market in the United States. Clearly, there’s some real appeal to it in modern America. Here are some of the reasons why it’s booming.

The main appeal of moving to Florida today is its lower cost of living. While slightly over average, it doesn’t even compare to some of the other most popular states. New York and California, for example, each have over 25% higher cost of living. Florida also has no income tax, which means less taken out of every paycheck.

Outside of finances there is, of course, the warm weather of Florida. There’s a reason it’s so popular in the colder months as the state is beautiful year round. Even in the summer though most areas wont reach the scorching heats of other areas in the south. Florida also has a high population of remote workers, 16% of the workforce in 2022 to be precise. 

This gets into the general high quality of life within Florida. Employment rates are high, mortgages are reasonable, and the state is affordable. Florida isn’t the place for everyone, but it’s increasingly becoming one of the most popular states in the U.S. For those looking for housing there are few better places.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?

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