FLASHBACK: The Establishment Media Lied About Georgia’s Supposed ‘Voter Suppression’ Law

It looks like the Georgia GOP really bungled that “voter suppression” law the media have been shrieking about, because last night’s primary saw record early voting turnout across the state.

According to Axios, early voting was “nearly triple Georgia’s 2018 level.” That’s despite the claim that early voting was one of methods most adversely affected by the election security law passed in Georgia last year.

For those who missed it, here’s all the nonsense the media told us about Georgia’s election security law in 2021:



Given Wednesday’s turnout, all of the panic looks rather foolish in hindsight.

The usual suspects have already shifted into damage control mode, attempting to turn this into a “Republicans pounce” story. This Axios headline tells you everything you need to know: “Republicans parade Georgia’s record early turnout.”

Since years journalists have made false claims about journalism. DNC talking points about supposedly deliberate “voter suppression” perpetrated by Republican state legislatures. Since last night was a significant rebuke of that narrative, it’s no surprise that they’re frustrated.

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