First of Many Texas Busses Filled With Migrants Arrives In DC

Fed up with the border issue being a Texas problem, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided that maybe the politicians in D.C. didn’t quite understand how serious the issue is because they’re so far removed from the said border. In order to cure that problem, Abbott figured that he’d bring the border to them, and so he loaded up a lot of the illegal migrants onto a bus and shipped them to Washington D.C.

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Fox News claims that this is the very first bus.

Around 8 AM local, the bus stopped in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Fox News learned from Fox News that the bus arrived in Texas from Del Rio Sector, where they had come from Colombia, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Upon the bus’s arrival in Washington, D.C., individuals disembarked one by one except for family units who exited together. After checking in, the officials cut their wristbands and told them they could go.

This tactic appears to be working already:

According to TDEM, Abbott’s plan is already working. The agency told Fox News on Monday that many of the communities that originally reached out for support – from the Rio Grande Valley to Terrell County – say the federal government stopped dropping immigrants in their towns since Abbott’s announcement on April 6.

But I’m not entirely sure the lesson is going to sink in if they’re just being dropped off at our nation’s capitol. In my opinion, if you really want the issue to hit home, these migrants should start appearing in the towns of the rich white left who pat themselves on the back for supporting unsustainable policies that they don’t have to deal with.

Abbott should send these migrants to Vermont, Deleware or Massachusetts. There’s no reason why blue states in the north shouldn’t take part in the issues they’re helping create while they label everyone who is trying to fix the issues as racists.

This may sound like a slow way to do things but it is sometimes the fastest and most effective way to resolve a problem. In this case, the person is an entire country and there’s quite a bit of it in denial. The only way they’ll learn is to shove the problem directly into their face and make them wake up to the fact that real issues come as a result of illegal immigration.

This move might seem like a bit of a troll, and it may take a little bit of time to play out, but once the issues that plague border states begin to plague our northern brothers, then perhaps they’ll finally get it.

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