Fired Without Just Cause? This Is How To Settle The Matter

If you have been fired without cause from your job there are certain steps you can take to rectify your termination or seek compensation from your employer. Being fired without cause can be unlawful, and if you are experiencing this type of termination you can fight it in the courts or through your local employment standards council. Here are some steps to take if you are facing wrongful dismissal.

  1. Stay Calm During Dismissal

If you are being terminated without cause, the best thing you can do is document the incident and stay calm during the dismissal. Don’t sign anything that puts you at fault or accepts responsibility for the termination. If you are already called in and informed of the termination, then the decision has already been made and there is no point fighting it. Your energy is better spent collecting documentation as to why they are dismissing you, and preparing to fight it should you so choose to do so. Especially if the environment has been toxic for you, or you feel you are being chastised for the mistakes of others, make sure you collect a copy of any and all documentation and request a copy of your employee file on the spot. This will help you to support your claim that you were terminated without just cause. Ensuring that you leave your dismissal meeting with your complete employee file will allow you to have a complete history of your time of employment, from warnings to commendations, it will allow you to have an intact record of your performance, and ensure that nothing can be added to your file after the fact.

  1. Seek Legal Counsel

After you have been terminated, it is important to seek the appropriate legal representation. Having an advocate who is familiar with the court requirements for your claim is important to find an employment law attorney in Los Angeles to fight on your side for your case. Advocacy is important, and legal battles can often be confusing, especially when you are taking on businesses or corporations. Ensuring that you have the right representation will make your case run smoothly, and will ensure that you have crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s before proceeding with your claim. 

Legal battles can be tricky, evidence needs to be gathered, forms need to be filled out correctly, and you need to present the best case you possibly can. After you have been terminated from a job without cause, you may not be able to properly navigate the judicial world, so allow your employment lawyer to do it for you. A professional and expert lawyer will know what needs to be done, and how to execute it with skill. Rather than fighting to understand how to file your case, allow them to do it for you. Legal counsel is priceless, especially when you are struggling with the stress of losing your job, so find the right advocate that will take this stress off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time. With the right representative, you won’t feel so alone, and they will be able to help you claim the damages that you deserve from your case.

  1. Prepare and Provide all Documentation

When you begin speaking with your lawyer, provide them with all of the documentation you have gathered to help strengthen your case. Collecting documentation during your employment and your termination will give your counsel what they need to fight your dismissal to the best of their availability. Make sure that you are presenting everything to your lawyer. They will decide what is relevant and what is not. It is better to provide them with more than they need and let them whittle down the evidence than to accidentally keep something from them that could effectively help win your case.

Fighting without cause termination can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be overly stressful. If you keep your head clear and seek appropriate representation, you have a much better chance of winning your wrongful dismissal claim. Speaking with and contracting the right lawyer will let you focus on your mental health and supporting your family, rather than being bogged down by legal jargon and proceedings that may be difficult to navigate. This is a difficult time, but you don’t have to go through it alone. If you have been fired without cause, contact an employment lawyer today, so they can review your case and lead you down the correct path to reparations.

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