FINALLY! Google Acknowledges Trump Was President in ‘About’ Section

Google finally added a mention of Donald Trump’s presidency to his “about” section on the search results page. The change came months after MRC Free Speech America exclusively reported that former President Donald Trump was one of only two U.S. presidents with no acknowledgement of his presidential status in his Google “about” section.

MRC Free Speech America reported on Oct. 13, that, as of Oct. 1, Trump was the only U.S. president who did not have some indication of his presidential office in his Google “about” section. The “about” section is on the upper right on the results page when looking up a name on the Google search engine, and is meant to give the relevant information about that individual at a glance. Every U.S. president had either a “presidential term” years listing or a mention of presidential office in his biography. Trump was joined by Abraham Lincoln, a former president. All mentions of Lincoln’s presidential status were removed from the Google memory hole on Oct. 13. Trump ripped Google’s censorship in exclusive comments to MRC Free Speech America, saying, “It’s a disgrace to our Country. I got them by surprise in 2016 and they said we’ll never let it happen again. They should be punished.”

Google has since updated its “about” sections so that, as of March 31, every single U.S. president has a mention of his presidential status in his respective “about” section. Trump and President Joe Biden have included their presidential status in their short biography paragraphs. All other presidents have their presidential status mentioned in their biographies and in their “presidential term(s)” listings, including Lincoln. Trump’s “about” update is fairly recent, however; as of February 25, 2022, Trump’s “about” still contained no mention of his presidential status. This means that the information was missing for 135 days, after former President of the United States criticised Google’s failure.

Google is known for its biased censorship and has even rewritten its news algorithm to target Trump. Robert Epstein (psychologist, researcher) conducted a study showing that Google intentionally tries to influence election results in favor of Democrats using its search algorithms. Epstein exclusively told MRC Free Speech America in November about Google, “The detailed information they have about each and every one of us allows them to effectively shift opinions with biased search results, search suggestions, answer boxes … and more.”

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has had a long history of biased censorship. YouTube has repeatedly removed a video from YouTube and restored it after claiming that they were wrong. YouTube made the same mistake this week during a debate about Pennsylvania GOP governors hosted by Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Google has yet to respond to a request by MRC Free Speech America.

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