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Feminists Unleash Images of ‘Half Naked’ Cheerleaders in Savage Attack on Super Bowl Critics

Feminists on Twitter have for days been sharing photos of scantily-clad NFL cheerleaders in an effort to shame conservative critics of the Super Bowl halftime show. 

According to the consensus on the left, Sunday’s mid-game performance by Latina pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira was an epic display of female empowerment. And the show’s pro-immigration symbolism was a bonus.

Fans have sung the praises of the middle-aged Latina duo in blog postsop-eds and TV appearances

Meanwhile, on Twitter, liberal activists have sought to shut down countervailing takes from the right that some of the stripper-inspired gyrations weren’t family friendly enough for prime time.

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It was this Twitter campaign that birthed the meme of NFL-cheerleader photos captioned with scolding feminist messages. The basic point of the tweets is that conservatives are hypocritical — and possibly racist — for appreciating their home team’s cheer squad while complaining about J.Lo and Shakira.

To make her point, author Jennifer Wright showcased cheerleaders from the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

Actress Kiersten Warren promoted talent from the sidelines of Atlanta Falcon and Cowboys games.

Business coach Krystal shared routines by the Seattle Seagals, the Green Bay Packerettes, America’s Sweethearts and the New Orleans Saintsations .

The black feminist Twitter account $itsafrodisiac celebrated the women of the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans and the Super Bowl LIV Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Trump campaign staffer turned nemesis A.J. Delagdo tweeted out a gif of the Cowboys cheerleaders doing an iconic hair flip.

YouTuber Pardes Seleh mixed things up with a collage of NBA and college squads in action.

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Some conservatives have disputed the notion that criticizing the halftime show makes them bigots.

In an exchange with a Twitter accuser Sunday, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noted that conservatives have been complaining about “inappropriate” halftime shows by white performers “for the past 25 years.”

However, most conservatives stayed silent amid the onslaught of cheerleader images from sex-positive feminists.

Maybe they were cowed, or maybe, like one socially conservative woman’s 13-year-old son, they’re so disgusted that they had to retreat to their bedrooms for some alone time.

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