Feminists’ Idea of Paradise Is Socialist Syrian Commune That Has No Men

“Anyone want to have a men free commune in the US?”

Jezebel readers heartily approved of a glowing profile about a Syrian feminist commune published Monday by the liberal blog.

“With the aid of women’s rights groups and volunteers, a group of women in Syria have created a self-sustainable feminist commune outside of the structures of patriarchy and capitalism,” ​wrote senior Jezebel reporter Prachi Gupta in an article entitled, “Women in Syria Have Created a Feminist Commune Free of Patriarchy and Capitalism.”

Women in Jinwar, a village ​located in war torn northern Syria that was under ISIS control only a few years ago, are mainly survivors of ISIS’ brutal violence, The Independent ​reported.

Men are not allowed to remain in the village. Women farm their own lots, sell the harvest, and make all the decisions in the “ecological idyll.”

“There’s no need for men here, our lives are good,” one of Jinwar’s residents told The Independent.

Jezebel readers responded to Gupta’s piece by praising the women of Jinwar and criticizing men.

“Anyone want to have a men free commune in the US?” ​wrote one commenter in a top-rated remark.

“This village embodies what, I believe, men fear at the most deep, existential level: a society in which they’re unnecessary,” ​wrote another user who goes by the sobriquet TyrannosaurusRegina.

Yet another commenter took issue with the purportedly sexist language used in The Independent’s coverage of Jinwar, specifically the sentence declaring the “residents of Jinwar are kept busy by the work required to be self-sustainable.”

“All I hear is: ‘The manless state of these specific pitiable women is acceptable to me, the male reporter, because the universe is still keeping these women very busy. Women whose time is unoccupied with the brute quest for survival under patriarchy, however, are expected to want to fuck and be around men. I.e. Idle women who opt to renounce men = fucking chaos,'” Jezebel commenter well fuck me gently with a chainsaw opined.

The reactions to the Jinwar coverage, especially that of Jezebel commenters, embody what many conservatives and critics would likely view as the ​excesses of feminism.

Critics of radical feminism often accuse the movement of zeroing in on microaggressions in Western society while ​ignoring egregious oppression of women elsewhere.

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