Female Skateboarder Speaks Out Against Trans Competitor

Red Stone Cornerstone: A skateboarder from the female gender has criticised her sponsor for making her compete against transgender women.

Taylor Silverman criticised Red Bull’s decision to allow Lilian Gallagher, a biological man, to compete in her division. Gallagher was awarded a grand total $5,000 in cash prizes in the best trick, finals, qualifying and finals categories. Silverman was second in each of the categories. He took home $2750, which is more than if Gallagher hadn’t been permitted to compete.

Silverman shared her justifiable dissatisfaction with the situation via Instagram. Red Bull was also contacted by Silverman, asking for Gallagher’s exclusion from any competition against women. The company has not yet responded to her, which is surprising.

“This took away the opportunity that was meant for women to place and earn money,” Silverman said in the email. “What happened was unfair and, at the time, I was too uncomfortable to speak up. I understand that in today’s society even some women think this is acceptable, but I believe in doing the right thing, even if it’s not the popular thing. I now realize it’s really important for me to speak up and I’d like to schedule a time to talk.”

Silverman won’t be able to meet with Red Bull but it is a good sign she recognizes there is something wrong and is working to fix it.

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