FBI Targeting Parents Under Counter-Terrorism Provisions – Opinion

The mobs are gathering at Supreme Court Justices houses and breaking federal laws, lobbing threats rhetoric. However, FBI/DOJ is laser-focused on the threat: parents.

A whistleblower has confirmed prior reporting on the government’s effort to use counter-terrorism provisions to target parents who have protested at school boards. You may be familiar with some of the specific cases.

Just to be clear, if you march on a Supreme Court Justices’ house screaming about fascism and how you are going to “fight,” the FBI will do nothing. They won’t enforce federal law and they’ll instead leak documents claiming it is abortion clinics that are under threat. Further, if you are the Democrat Mayor of Chicago and issue a public “call to arms” against the Supreme Court, the FBI won’t come to interview you. And if you are a Democrat senator who strokes out screaming possibly violent rhetoric (by the left’s own definition) in front of the Capitol, that’s just fine.

But if you are a parent who protested a school board full of degenerates who cover up sexual abuse and want to force-feed your children pornographic material, then you are a “right-wing” threat. In fact, one of the disclosures from the whistleblower noted that the FBI decided to target her because she was part of a “right-wing moms group.” In another instance, a father against mask mandates was investigated and tagged because he “fit the profile of an insurrectionist.”

Lastly, the whistleblower revealed that the FBI had actually opened an investigation into Republican officials because a Democrat official had complained that opposing vaccine mandates in schools could “incite violence.”

Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee for their part are demanding documents from AG Merrick Garland regarding how and why these things are happening. Unfortunately, there’s little chance of cooperation until the GOP regains the House and regains subpoena power. Once that happens, this scandal must be addressed.

To put a cherry on this, I’ll once again say what I’ve been saying for years: The FBI is not an agency that can be saved by reform. It is far too deeply rotted and politicization has reached every level of the organization, including the top leadership and many rank-and-file employees. It is clear Dir. Clearly Dir. These abuses of the government are causing the country to fracture and must stop as soon as possible.

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