Facebook Prevents Users from Controlling Feed: WashPost

An article from The Washington PostFacebook intentionally prevents its users from controlling their feeds.

The “News Feed” feature on Facebook is meant to show the user the most up-to-date posts from friends, family, public figures, and news sources the user follows.

Facebook appears to be trying to limit the amount of content displayed in users’ feeds.

Report by The PostThe details of these efforts are:

“In at least two experiments over the years, Facebook has explored what happens when it turns off its controversial news feed ranking system — the software that decides for each user which posts they’ll see and in what order, internal documents show. This allows users to view all posts of all their friends chronologically.

“Both tests appear to have taught Facebook’s researchers the same lesson: Users are better off with Facebook’s software calling the shots.”

Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, has claimed that Facebook puts profit above all other things including users.

Senators are lawmakers. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) have called for more regulation of Big Tech to push back against Facebook’s control.

Meanwhile, it seems Facebook will continue its “ranking” methods.

“Research we’ve done shows that unranked feeds can lead to integrity issues and other problems,” Facebook’s Ariana Anthony told The Post.

“Whenever we’ve tried to compare ranked and unranked feeds, ranked feeds just seem better,” one employee wrote in a 2018 memo about the system titled, “Is ranking good?”

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