Extremism ‘Journalist’ Frets Over Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Profile, Embarrasses Himself in the Process – Opinion

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has this uncanny ability to bring out the worst in so-called journalists, primarily because he’s usually so on the money in calling out their rampant liberal political biases and the real motivations behind why they report on the stories they do.

You will recall that Carlson is widely blamed by leftists, media professionals (but let me repeat myself) following the massacre at Buffalo’s grocery store earlier this month. Ten people were killed and three more injured. Yet, Carlson never once mentioned Carlson in his 180 page manifesto. In fact, mentioned in the manifesto was the shooter’s hatredFor many Fox News Jewish media personnel, however, those facts were forgotten in the shameful Blame Games Democrats love playing following such terrible events in this nation.

While Carlson handled the accusations appropriately by making his critics look even more childish and foolish, unfortunately, it hasn’t deterred them from continuing to do what they do, as evidenced by this weird Wednesday tweet from USA Today “extremism” journalist Will Carless fretting about Carlson’s Twitter bio (Twitter has put a bizarre content warning on the screengrabs, but I assure you’re they’re okay to view):

And just so you know, that tweet was a follow-up to one posted less than 24-hours earlier, because ZOMG this is such a big freakin’ deal, ya know, and we need to get to the bottom of it stat:

Obviously, someone either doesn’t understand or is feigning ignorance over the obvious mockery that Carlson is engaging in with his Twitter profile, but the bigger point here is that with everything going on in the world right now …

We don’t care!

Tucker Carlson-obsessed “journalists” do, that’s who. Strangely, Carless seems to be trying to blame Tucker, too, for the horrible shooting at Uvalde elementary school in Texas. He keeps receiving tweets similar, along with MSM stories about Tuesday.

Isn’t it fascinating how the “facts first” crowd is always quick to correct Republican claims even though they present no “facts” of their own to prove their own claims that Carlson is even remotely responsible for inspiring incidents of mass violence in America?

This is why I so rarely believe fact-checkers, and even less-so supposed “experts” in the media when it comes to their “analyses” and dissections of popular conservative commentators, because – again, as Carlson has also pointed out – their rationales are often flawed, their premises are half-baked, and their “gotcha” quotes usually leave something vital out that completely undercuts their arguments.

By design.

It’s #priorities, you know. Because wouldn’t it be just awful (for them) to find out that Carlson’s mockery of the media is more on-point than probably anything Carless and his ilk have ever written?

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