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How IVR Plays An Important Role In Business Surveys?

Introducing Free Missed Call Solution

Missed call alert solution works by deliberately terminating a call after a few rings when a customer calls a business. The call is then recorded in the database and notified to the business. Missed call alert solutions are designed to automatically send an acknowledgment message to the customers, confirming that the call has been recorded. The message can also be customized with information related to the availability of the business if they are reached during non-working hours or holidays.

The usage of missed call solutions in India has been growing as it offers efficient business customer communication. It is customer friendly as it offers services without charging anything. It ensures uninterrupted communication as it allows a business to follow up on each missed call.

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Important Features of Missed Call Alert Solution

  1. IVR Menu: Free missed call solution with an IVR multi-level menu helps customers to establish immediate interaction with the business. It offers easy and instant navigation with efficiency. The automated dialing through an IVR menu reduces call wait time and reduces the communication barrier.

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  1. Automated Message: The automated messaging feature confirms to every customer caller that their call is recorded. It helps a customer to ensure service and communication. It also helps a customer with information on business hours availability. It helps in maintaining transparent communication with the customers.
  2. Real-Time Updates: The solution offers records of all calls and the data is cloud saved. It offers real-time updates on each missed call. A business can automatically call back the customers from the records. Real-time updates help in monitoring call flow to the business.
  3. Analytical Dashboard: The recorded missed calls can be used as an analytical dashboard. It can be used for market-based research or to track campaigns. It helps a business to analyze the engagement rate.

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Benefits of Using A Free Missed Call Solution

  1. Missed call alert solutions can be used to easily opt-in and out of service. It makes customer interaction easier and offers them the freedom to choose. It also reduces the agent’s workload of manually removing or adding people to a subscription or service.
  2. A business can benefit more from easy CRM integration. With any leading CRM software customer, data can be automatically incorporated. It helps to reduce customer wait time with instant data display for the agents to offer immediate service.
  3. It helps to enhance interactivity for campaigns by gathering customer feedback. It can be used to call them back to share service and product insights. It also supports sharing new launch information or discounts and sales.
  4. A business can easily integrate missed call solutions with outbound calling solutions. It can be used to share targeted messages to customer contact numbers. This combination can be very profitable to address large-scale call volumes.
  5. Missed call solution is very efficient in providing immediate service with 24×7 support. It is an important tool for the acquisition of lead generations. It supports customers to reach out to the business at any point in time. A business can also follow back as per the call of the hour. It helps to never miss a call and in building a strong sense of commitment to the customers.

The Best Missed Call Solutions in India

There has been tremendous growth in the use of missed call solutions in India. Some of the many reasons are:

  1. It is economical, in terms of money and energy. It helps a business to work effortlessly even with a small human resource. It saves time in recording and automatically reconnecting with the customers.
  2. It is available and accessible for every industry and business size. Any business can gain help in connecting and delivering service to the customers with this solution.
  3. Missed call solutions are easy to install and use. It can be used immediately after installation.
  4. It helps in conducting successful campaigns. A business can run multiple campaigns, collect feedback, and conduct surveys with this solution.

Some of the many industries that benefit from using missed call solutions are-

  1. Entertainment industry
  2. Healthcare industry
  3. Educational industry
  4. Banking and finance industry, etc.

It is used by the government and private sectors as well. There are many government programs that uses missed call solution to offer services.

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