EXCLUSIVE! Trump Rips New Google Censorship: ‘Disgrace to Our Country’

Exclusive: Google is the next Ministry of Truth. Google’s “About” section is meant to explain at a glance the most relevant facts about a person. Unless it’s former President Donald Trump. His “About” section contains no mention that he was ever president.

As of Oct. 1, Donald Trump was the only U.S. president who did not have some indication of his presidential office in his “About” section. Every U.S. president had either a mention of presidential office in his biography or a “presidential term” years listing. President Abraham Lincoln has since joined Trump in the Google memory hole and no longer has either a biography or a “presidential term” listing.

Former president Donald Trump blasted the new form of Google censorship in an exclusive quote to MRC Free Speech America: “It’s a disgrace to our Country. I got them by surprise in 2016 and they said we’ll never let it happen again. They should be punished.” A Trump aide added that the president would include this latest information in his lawsuit against Big Tech. 

Google changed or updated the bios of many presidents while MRC Free Speech America was writing this article. Prior to Oct. 13, the only six presidents who did not have both a biography and a “presidential term” listing were all non-Democrats, five Republicans and one Whig, Zachary Taylor. Those “About” section write-ups appear on the right-hand side of a results page for desktop users and down the page for mobile users.

As of now, Franklin D. Roosevelt is the Democratic Party’s president. A biography was added to George W. Bush’s “About” and a biography was removed from George H.W. Bush’s “About.” Trump is called “45th U.S. President” under his name on the left of the Google search results page, but not in his “About” section. Lincoln is likewise listed as “16th U.S. President” on the left of his page. Mike Pence, Trump’s vice president, does have a biography mentioning his former office and a “previous offices” listing. One thing has stayed consistent on Google throughout: Donald Trump never had either a biography or a “presidential term” listing.

It’s not just American presidents. Numerous dictatorial or extremist leaders around the world have biographical information or some other indications about their leadership position. Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping has both a “presidential term” listing and offices in his biography. Extremist dictator Ayatollah Khamenei, “supreme ruler” of Iran, has a biography listing his offices. Ismail Haniyeh is a terrorist leader in Hamas. His biography is completely non-critical. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have a biography; but, unlike Trump and Lincoln, Putin’s “About” section does have entries for “office,” “previous offices,” and “presidential terms.” Are Trump and Lincoln considered worse than Putin by Google?

The biography about Joseph Stalin (Soviet dictator and mass-murderer) includes a list his political titles as well as no critique. Mao Zedong, Chinese Communist dictator and mass murderer, also has a biography containing Mao’s political titles and — you guessed it — no hint of criticism.

Strangely, even Confederate Jefferson Davis has a biography identifying him as “the president of the Confederate States.”

All of these are not new. Google’s history includes censorship. In July 2020, Google removed conservative websites, such as MRC NewsBusters from its organic search results. Zach Vorhies from Google said that in August, Google altered its news algorithm to directly target Trump. Google in September banned Live Action from pro-life advertising. Google’s “About” section is also drawn from other sources, including the notoriously biased Wikipedia.

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