EXCLUSIVE: Banned ‘OK Groomer’ Author Lindsay Says Big Tech Uses Censorship to ‘Protect Evil’

Twitter permanently suspended author, mathematician and commentator James Lindsay for allegedly violating the platform’s rules against “hateful conduct.”

“Twitter and other big tech use censorship to protect evil, in this case the institutional sexualization of children,” Lindsay told MRC Free Speech America, “It must stop. We must protect our children.”

Lindsay and Apparently Lindsay had a Twitter spat. Alejandra Caraballo, a transgender clinical instructor at the Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic, Twitter flagged and permanently suspended Lindsay’s account, according to purported screenshots shared by New Discourses. The screenshot indicates that Twitter censored Lindsay’s account for allegedly promoting “violence against, threaten[ing]Or harass[ing] other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

“Your misogynoir is showing,” Caraballo said.

“Ok, child sexualization specialist,” Lindsay responded, according to purported screenshots obtained by Reclaim the Net.

When asked for comment, a Twitter spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America that the account referenced was “permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct.”

Caraballo celebrated Lindsay’s suspension and claimed responsibility for his removal from the platform. “Good riddance,” she tweeted alongside a screenshot of Linday’s suspended account. “Tell James, I want him to know it was me.” Caraballo then shared screenshots indicating she had reported Lindsay’s tweet for “hateful conduct.”

Twitter also hypocritically “violated [its] own hateful conduct policy” in its message to Caraballo, pointed outThe Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon. In its message, Twitter misgendered Lindsay as “they,” as indicated by screenshots posted by Caraballo. Dillon tweeted: “[Lindsay] just texted me ‘I am not “they.” Twitter must now suspend itself.”

Lindsay has been censored by Twitter before.

The platform previously locked the author and mathematician’s account for “hateful conduct” after he quote-tweeted a user’s postCriticism of a Daily Caller Article Twitter user wrote, “Daily Caller, we aren’t anti-LGBTQ. We’re anti-pedophile.” The Daily Caller also uses an article that shows a picture of young men holding Pride flags. Lindsay said, “OK groomer,” in response to purported screenshotsShared by Jenna Ellis.

Twitter last year restricted Lindsay’s account for 12 hours, requiring him to delete another “Ok groomer” tweet in order to regain full use of the account. He replied to an anonymous user. tweeted that no-one had made an “airtight case for the anti-pedophilia side.”

Lindsay was also reportedly locked out of his account for violating Twitter’s policy against “misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” In his tweet, he called vaccine passports “systemically racist,” according to a CensorTrack entry.

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