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Joe Biden has been having to play catch up, now that Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion is underway in Ukraine. We failed to put in any sanctions until now that might have had any teeth, such as stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline or cutting off access to SWIFT banking system — which might have hit him where he lived. Also, the U.S. could have sent lethal aid for Ukraine to signal to Putin they were prepared to respond harshly. But the White House didn’t do any of that.

Now, Joe Biden is going to say he’ll impose tough sanctions. But it’s too late; the invasion is underway.

It was Monday in 2002 when Biden posted this tweet.

Biden claimed Putin didn’t want him to win because then his days with threatening his neighbors would be over.

What happened? Biden’s foreign policy is as flawed today as it has for 40 years. Robert Gates, Obama Defense Secretary, said that.

MSNBC is a Democratic Party propaganda arm. But, even longtime host Andrea Mitchell is now pointing out how Biden was “defensive” about his foreign policy ability.

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Mitchell added that Biden feels “defensive” about criticism of his foreign policy performance. Notably, Robert Gates, the former defense secretary under President Obama, said that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

“I actually think that Joe Biden has a great deal of ego and a great deal of confidence in the foreign policy ability and gets very defensive about some of the criticism from his past from people like Bob Gates, the former defense secretary who described him very coldly and critically,” Mitchell said on “Deadline: White House.”

Mitchell continued, “I don’t think that he sees himself being tested [by Putin]. He seems to feel that he’s up for the task. And that it’s … Putin who will end up mired in Ukraine the way America was enmired in Afghanistan for 20 years.”

Mitchell also brought up a list that supposedly the Russians had of Ukrainians allegedly “to be killed or sent to camps” after the military came in. Her guest suggested that Biden could have responded by issuing sanctions.

“If the stuff that’s in this letter takes place, the U.S. reaction is going to be sanctions? Is that plausible that that would be the U.S. response to war crimes, atrocities, human rights abuses on the scale of the type that’s outlined in this letter?” he asked.

Mitchell answered, “I don’t know how to answer that, because you’re right.”

Biden is “defensive” and not just on foreign policy because he knows that he’s not very capable. However, he also recognizes the many times he’s been mistaken. It’s why he’s always making up stories to pump himself up, to make himself sound greater or more accomplished than he is. And it’s why, when he is questioned, he often blows up and strikes out at whoever dares to challenge him, even voters. He knows he’s deficient and he’s always trying to cover that up. However, this just makes him seem more detached and desperate than reality.

But when you have even MSNBC bringing up the questions, you know that it’s getting worse.

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