Even More Non-Woke Disney Employees Are Pushing Back Against the ‘Woke’ Crowd – Opinion

It seems not all of Disney’s employees have fallen into a heap over Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law. In fact, the company’s non-woke workers have decided to become more vocal in their opposition to its stance on the bill.

Jose Castille, a Disney employee who is also running for Congress in the Sunshine State, told Fox News that more of his colleagues are pushing back on the company’s decision to publicly oppose the legislation, which prevents educators from instructing students seven years old and younger on sexual and gender identity matters.

“There is certainly pressure mounting within Disney,” Castillo said, predicting that “at some point I believe Disney executives will have to respond.”

The Disney employee had previously told Fox News that a “silent majority” within the company support H.B. 1557, which the left has deceptively referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Democrats contended, without evidence, that the law will be used to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ. The law does not mention straight, gay or other sexual orientations. Those supporting the law don’t want AnyTeaching sexuality to young children is important regardless of gender orientation.

The discussion took place after another Disney employee leaked screenshots of internal message boards revealing that a significant number of workers support the law – even some who identified as LGBTQ.

“I’m gay and I think any form of sexual education shouldn’t be taught until you’re older and able to understand it,” one employee wrote, adding, “leave the bill alone because it isn’t infringing on ANY member of the LGBT community, nor is it to the heterosexual one.”

“I can’t speak to those specific messages, but they sound exactly like what I am hearing from my fellow cast members,” Castillo told Fox News. “And since I began speaking out on this, I’ve been getting phone calls and emails from other cast members here in Orlando and even out in California. The cast members reach out to thank me for speaking up, to donate to my campaign, and to offer their support, so it doesn’t surprise me at all to see those message board screenshots.”

He continued, “I have been saying that, while the Disney executives have been greasing the squeaky wheel, there is a silent majority of us that don’t agree with Disney’s statements.”

The company is stepping up efforts to fight the law and it appears that this majority of the population is less silent. Disney and far-left progressives have lost touch with American audiences. According to polling, most Americans support Florida’s law. The left has resorted to lying about the legislation because it is easier to deceive than to explain why you believe teachers should be instructing young children on sexual matters – it’s a losing battle for them.

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