Even CNN Is Now Busting Biden After He Flips out on Reporter – Opinion

We reported on Tuesday about Joe Biden’s remarks at the White House Congressional Picnic including him wondering (when “Hail to the Chief” was played) where the president was. But perhaps the worst part of the event — which was supposed to be a nice, light, unifying event — was where Joe Biden lost it on ABC reporter Ben Gittleson.

Gittleson dare to question Biden about the fact that most Democrats don’t want him running again. Biden flipped out on him, ranting, “Read the polls, Jack!” and insisting what the reporter said wasn’t true, in complete denial of reality.

Scary eyes, especially when he’s coming at you like that. Biden doesn’t like to be challenged. Never has. But it’s getting worse. Gittleson proved right, as we saw.

CNN now has Biden under fire for his exchange.

Here’s CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins, pointing out Gittleson was right:

Collins corrected Biden on his false “92 percent” statistic. Elle also noted that Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, also made this false claim.

Of course, most Democrats would pick Biden over Trump — if that were the choice. It doesn’t mean they want Biden to run again. The majority want someone who isn’t a old, frail, and geriatric man. Biden is bleeding people in all areas of voter dynamics, especially when it comes to Democratic approval. Biden refuses to acknowledge that. It is hard to believe that Biden doesn’t even know the difference, or if his staff are honest with him regarding the polling and the American perceptions of him.

But when he’s lost even CNN, you know that it’s not good for Biden. You have to believe that more and more media are willing to toss him under the bus, which means that there is hope for a positive change.

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