ESPN Doesn’t Hold Employee Accountable For Political Messaging

Please call your office to reach Paging Sage Steele… Ms. Steele

ESPN displayed their biases on Sunday, not holding employees accountable for political messages.

Mina Kimes (show host) posted an Instagram picture of herself standing beside Karen Bass (D), a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles. Kimes advocated for Bass by writing she has a much more beneficial tax policy for the city than her Republican opponent, Rick Caruso.

Kimes may freely express her political opinions on her own account, without having to report it to the company. This is problematic because ESPN has already punished an employee who expressed similar conservative views.

Sage Steele went on a podcast last year and voiced her conservative takes on the Uncut With Jay Cutler podcast about ESPN’s vaccine mandate and a few other issues. Steele didn’t do anything that was connected to ESPN. But the difference between Steele’s comments and Kimes’ is that Bass favors a progressive agenda. Steele, on the other hand, was silenced by Steele for her conservative views. Steel is now suing ESPN. 

Sounds to me like that’s a violation of the company’s so-called “no politics policy,” but ESPN has not commented on their plan of action to hold Kimes accountable.

But it’s not the only time that ESPN has let its employees get away for woke takes and perspectives. Take a look at this Jalen rose 2021 video:

Oder, this is JA Adande from February:

Neither of these men were reprimanded for being political on air, and Adande’s segment was published on Twitter.

So when ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said in 2018 that ESPN was not a political organization, did he mean that ESPN was only not political if someone says something conservative friendly?

The evidence shows that’s the case.

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