Epstein didn't kill himself

Man Calls Into C-SPAN With One Question for Impeachment Witness – It’s About Jeffrey Epstein

A man snuck a reference into a widespread meme about suspected sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death while calling into a C-SPAN discussion on Friday about ongoing impeachment proceedings.

C-SPAN host Steve Scully took a call from Jared, a man purporting to be a Louisiana Republican, and asked him for comment on the second day of televised impeachment hearings.

Marie Yovanovitch, a career diplomat, appeared before Congress on Friday and testified to how she fought corruption in Ukraine and how the Trump administration pulled her back to Washington abruptly earlier this year.

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Scully asked the caller if he had any questions for Yovanovitch.

“I’d ask her if she’s aware that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” Jared said.

An unperturbed Scully responded by moving on to the next caller.

Epstein’s death

Recent weeks have seen a resurgence of skepticism about the official determination that Epstein hanged himself in his Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial on charges of sex-trafficking girls as young as 14 years old.

During an Oct. 30 appearance on “Fox & Friends,” former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden made headlines by saying the findings of the autopsy, which Epstein’s brother hired him to observe, are more consistent with homicide. A number of other experts have made similar observations in the past.

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In a video leaked last Tuesday, ABC News anchor Amy Robach was apparently caught on hot mic saying the network prevented her from airing the allegations against Epstein three years ago. She said she was “a hundred percent” certain he had not killed himself. While acknowledging the authenticity of the footage, Robach and ABC News downplayed her comments.

Meanwhile, Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar encoded the message, “Epstein didn’t kill himself,” in a series of tweets starting Wednesday morning.

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