NYU Medical Expert Says Epstein’s Death ‘More Likely’ a Homicide Than a Suicide

Marc Siegel, a Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, appeared Thursday on Fox News and said he’s “more suspicious than ever” that the death of Jeffrey Epstein was caused by homicide.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the autopsy performed on Epstein found he suffered multiple breaks in his neck bones.

Sources familiar with the matter told The Washington Post in an article published Wednesday that one of the broken bones was the hyoid bone, which is located near the Adam’s apple. Experts told The Post that such breaks can happen in those who commit suicide by hanging, but more commonly occur in “victims of homicide by strangulation.”

Siegel told “America’s Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer said that the neck fractures suffered by Epstein “make it more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide.”

“It can either be a suicide or a homicide still … I am now more suspicious than ever that this could be a homicide,” he added. “That answer is going to come to us because if someone attacked, you see signs of the attack on the body … It hasn’t been released yet. I’m waiting to see that.”

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According to Siegel, if Epstein was held down and strangled, there would be bruises on his body.

Marc Siegel isn’t the only one suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death

Epstein’s death has spurred outrage by critics who say the prison should have prevented it. The FBI said it was investigating, and Attorney General William Barr said that a special inquiry would be opened into what happened.

On both the political left and right, alternative theories about how Epstein died have quickly proliferated, with many pointing to his former powerful friends. #ClintonBodyCount and #ClintonCrimeFamily were trending on Twitter on Saturday along with a competing hashtag, TrumpBodyCount.

According to CBS News, “shouting and shrieking” was heard from Epstein’s cell on the morning he died.

The New York Times reported on Monday that one of the two people guarding Epstein when he died in a federal jail cell was a “substitute.”

The stand-in guard did not normally work as a correctional officer, three prison officials with knowledge of the case told The Times on condition of anonymity. The sources, one prison official and two law enforcement officials, did not identify the person or say what type of job he usually worked.

Meanwhile, a former inmate at the Metropolitan Correction Center told the New York Post on Saturday that there is “no way” he killed himself there.

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Epstein, who was facing up to 45 years in prison on charges of sex trafficking girls as young as 14, was found unconscious Saturday morning in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. He was pronounced dead that morning after apparently hanging himself.

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