Engaging and Retaining Gen Z in the Workforce: Understanding the Challenges and Solutions

Gen Z is becoming a major part of the workforce in 2023 but engaging and maintaining employees from this generation is difficult for many organizations. Half of the hiring managers face challenges when looking to establish connections with early-career employees. Furthermore, 33% of Gen Z join the workforce when aged between 16 and 19, which is up from the 26% among the Millennials teens. 

There are considered to be three major reasons for the Gen Z hiring gap. First is the changing workplaces in a post-COVID world with Gen Z seeing a 79% increase in layoffs in March of 2020 as compared to the other generations. Second is unnecessary friction in the workplace with negative headlines from research companies and new outlets stimulate aggression on both ends of the equation .Lastly is the misalignment of expectations between employees and employers with 65% of Gen Z talent quits within 12 months of employment. 

Such early turnovers affect an organization’s time, money and future. So, here are five actions that need to be undertaken to keep Gen Z on the payroll: Establish clear expectations, foster genuine transparency, offer workplace reset, nurture meaningful connections, and focus on intentional communications.

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR

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