Employees Reach Out With Their Stories, as the Battle Against Corporate Vaccine Mandates Rages On – Opinion

As if it’s not enough that the American people are battling with their companies’ vaccine mandates in order to hold on to their jobs, now we have elected officials working to undermine those efforts.

Tucker Carlson’s broadcast on December 2, 2021 was a great takedown.

It is clear that lawmakers, and these corporations think people are lulled into complacency over the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay on Joe Biden’s OSHA-dictated vaccine mandate, and the United States Missouri Eastern District Court’s injunction against the healthcare worker mandate.

However, corporations with employees over 100 are still adhering to Biden’s Executive Order 14042, and still following its guidelines. The stay issued by the 5th Circuit, and the lawsuits before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals address the OSHA mandate specifically, but not Biden’s executive order. As my colleague streiff predicted:

There was never a point at which Biden’s vaccine mandate gave even the vaguest appearance of the legitimate exercise of authority. Its purpose was to bully federal contractors into doing what Biden had ordered and give Biden’s political allies in the corporate world the necessary tool to enforce a vaccine mandate and not take the heat for it. My theory will soon be proven to be true. Any corporate team that is able to renounce a federal mandate that increases costs and deprives workers of their jobs, as well as does little to improve safety or prevent liability, should not be allowed to do so. Those renunciations, I predict, will not be forthcoming, and that will show we’ve moved one step further down the road to tyranny.

In fact, Siemens, and a sister corporation Siemens Healthineers sent out vaccine mandate requirement emails at the end of August and early September: before Biden’s September 9, 2021 statement on EO 14042. In essence, the corporations knew that they could pursue their vaccine mandates without having to worry about the consequences for the federal government.

RedState’s Siemens stories have shown that these mandates do not affect the employee’s health. They are primarily about maintaining a good relationship with the United States. Employees are merely cogs in a wheel that can be replaced at will, but government contracts are forever—or so they want you to think.

We have received correspondence from other employees of large corporations, who don’t like the present state of things. While everyone prefers to remain anonymous, it’s important for others to be heard.

This is the opinion of an IBM employee:

As the IBM Corporation CEO, I have resigned from my position. The mandated vaccinations in accordance with EO 14042 were mandatory regardless of your location. My case was different. I worked from home. You are placed on leave without pay if you are not “fully vaccinated by Dec 8th”. The CEO also stated “COVID testing is not an option ” and to obtain an exception you must be classified as “essential”.

Media ignores medical tyranny of CEOs. What is the point of a CEO and an EO mandating that you inject a drug in your body? Are there any lawsuits filed by Republicans against EO14042? Where is the CEO who implemented it? Senator Cruz tweeted that EO 14042 was unconstitutional, but he and Republicans don’t do anything about it.

Which is why political candidates looking to primary Republicans are rightly going hard against the idiots that voted with Pelosi & Co. for this federal vaccine database.

In a separate article, I’ll name and shame the turncoats and give a list of those who are running against them.

An IBM employee claimed that he reached out to Ted Cruz, Texas Senator (R-Grandstander), along with Thom Tillis, N.C. Sen. (R–Barely Made It). Cruz didn’t respond, Tillis said. Tillis wrote him a canned response with the egregious line, “I encourage people to get vaccinated.”

CYA in its purest form, without a single spine between them.

I was granted permission by Mr. ex-IBM employee to tell his story.

“I was ill for over a week in February 2021, but did not get tested for COVID. In October 2021, I had my COVID antibody test. Another reason why I don’t want to get vaccinated is because of this.

“Liberty and potential health risks associated with this experimental vaccine were my main reasons for resigning. Why, if you work from home must you be vaccinated?”

These were his salient points.

  • North Carolina, for example, will not provide unemployment benefits to anyone who loses their job due to this mandate.
  • No one is liable if you have an allergic reaction.
  • Laws need to be created to restrict companies and governments from infringing on a person’s liberty.

The Constitution and its Bill of Rights should be enough of a bulwark against the government and companies, but apparently our current regime doesn’t think that is the case; so, here we are.

It’s all in his final comment:

“IBM executives claim to be apolitical, they are not. You should have seen all the glowing internal articles they wrote about the Biden administration.”

Siemens, IBM, now Verizon are all sucking at the government teat. Ryan, an engineer for Verizon’s network, shared his story.

“I am a network engineer and I have NOT been into my office since April 2020. There is no need for me to go in but the company has labeled my group as ‘hybrid’ so, it would be part time.  The return to work date has been moved to 2022.

“In 25 years I have NEVER met the client. Many of us just don’t understand why this should apply to us.

“I got vaccinated back in April.  My proof was submitted under protest.  The card was sent to me with this statement from my HR representatives:

While I submit my Covid-19 proof, I’m doing it under protest.  A company cannot demand from an employee that they have inhaled a drug into their body that is not their natural immunity, violates their religious beliefs, or otherwise affects their employment..

These mandates violate the very basic right of sovereignty over one’s own body and medical decisions.  These vaccines have been granted FDA conditional clearance. However, the drugs haven’t been thoroughly tested. They have caused thousands of adverse reactions, and even death. Verizon does not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by employees due to the use of these drugs..  

Many businesses have chosen not to punish employees for being unvaccinated due to religious and medical reasons.  Verizon is not being accommodating to its employees. Instead, Verizon threatens their employment and ability to provide for themselves and their families..”

Aquent is a staffing company. But, once again, with the need to work with the federal government, they feel the pressure to toe the line on Biden’s EO 14042. Kelley, a staffing company representative, wrote to tell us about Aquent’s plans for contractors.

Here’s an email I received from the CEO of the creative temp firm that I work, which is Aquent.

As you can see from this email, Aquent is taking its first steps toward enforcing an employee vaccine mandate – because the firm is a federal contractor. I have concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, so I’d rather not get the shot. Aside from my cat, I am a remote worker and have no physical contact.

On the other hand, this part-time job with Aquent is the only employment I have right now, so I would have no choice but to get vaccinated – if required – because I can’t afford to give up whatever job I have.

To Kelley, Aquent Vaccine Mandate letter Used with permission


This email ends with instructions for contractors and employees on how to enter their vaccination status in the forms database before the November 30, 2021 deadline. It does not offer any concessions regarding religious or medical exemptions.

Honeywell International is also onboard the vaccine mandate train. Maxine wanted to be counted among the employees who oppose this corporation’s mandate:

The above article was just what I needed to read. I was struck by the part regarding the Siemens employee. Honeywell Intl Inc has been having regular “As The Doctors” meetings where employees can ask questions related to COVID, vaccines, etc.  Honeywell established their vaccination mandate in accordance with President Obama’s directive for federal contractors. To answer any questions, a Human Resources lawyer was also present at the meetings.

Honeywell’s position on whether the OSHA mandate order was unconstitutional has been questioned this week. The answer was that Honeywell would continue their mandate because they feel that is the “best way to keep everyone safe and back to work.”

In my opinion the “back to work” portion is the most significant for Honeywell since they’ve been trying to force everyone back from remote work even though we have proven that we can be quite productive while working remote allowing the essential workers to “remain safe.”

It is fascinating to see the perspective from this cover. This corporation clearly knew that they were going to be subject to pushback, and they have taken pre-emptive strike in an effort protect themselves against litigation.

All the best.

Maxine continued,

The mandate was not only for me, but the company has also sold the building I used to work. This means that it takes me a full hour to drive to the office. Due to rising gas prices I have to choose between gas and food to get to work.

This company is forcing employees back into the “office,” even though they were just as productive offsite, and now have to factor in keeping them “safe.” Honeywell is now mandating employees take a vaccine that may not be viable for all people, and has been reported to exhibit problematic side effects.

Honeywell, and other companies will cover any damage that is caused by such actions. They will raise wages or cover the increased cost of gasoline, travel time and maintenance of cars that are a result of their decision to eliminate remote work.

These questions should also be answered by the attorney who is present at these meetings of Honeywell employees. Maxine, unfortunately, is holding fast to her teeth.

I’m trying to hold out on the vaccine mandate hoping for more stays in the orders, so I may never have to get one.  While I am trying to hold on to my job, I will be looking for another job to allow me to reach retirement without being vaccinated. I don’t want to give the company a reason to get rid of me because I spoke my truth.

Employees at large companies face this reality every day. RedState receives a fresh batch of emails with each article.

A. Michael is the latest, and he was loaded with receipts. Employee of Siemens Healthineer. He has chosen truth and was terminated. He chose to fight against it too.

Although Healthineers is part of Siemens USA, the company operates independently from Seimens Global. Regardless, they are using the same tactics to force vaccination of all employees, whether they are “customer facing,” in-house, or remote. A. Michael received the August 31st, 2021 letter outlining their vaccine mandate. The mandate required that Siemens USA employees and Healthineer workers enter their vaccine status in a TrueNorth program database by October 15, 2021. A. Michael filed a request to be exempted from religious obligations on September 22 2021, in an effort to receive a response by Human Resources before the deadline.

According to A. Michael, it took Siemens Healthineers’ HR 22 DaysLet him know that his request for religious exemption has been refused. This was the only thing that happened. TWO DAYSBefore the Siemens Healthineers mandate deadline.

HR granted him until October 21, 2020 to appeal, which he accomplished in extraordinary detail. You can find his complete appeal letter here.

Other Healthineers employees who have reached out to RedState tell similar stories on either the length of time it took for HR to respond, or a tacit lack of response, as though the employee no longer existed or didn’t submit any form of an exemption. Apparently the vaccine mandates have removed the “human” aspect from this department. People are on pins and needles and needing to make decisions concerning their lives, health, and future based on the corporation’s decision, and they’re left in limbo. It’s criminal.

A. Michael alleged discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 64.

A. Michael E-mail to Siemens Healthineers Employees – (Cropped Portion), Used with Permission


A. Michael got a letter on 29 October 2021 from Siemens informing him that he had been suspended unpaid because he didn’t enter TrueNorth his vaccination status.

A. Michael 1029-2021 Email re: Suspension for Siemens Healthineers Employees. Used with permission


A. Michael was sent a termination letter by Siemens on November 12, 2021.

A. Michael was sent a termination letter from Siemens Healthineers. Credit: A. Michael. Used with Permission


A. Michael is moving forward with lawsuit based on the well-stated points in his religious exemption appeal letter, and also chose to blast a call of solidarity to his fellow Siemens Healthineers who are also fighting the fight against the corporation’s vaccine mandates.

Email to Siemens Healthineers employees, Page 1 Credit: A. Michael. Used with permission


A. Michael affirmed

“I am fighting back. Their case is very strong and I retained counsel. My open message to Siemens-Healthineers Family, which of course was blocked by IT, reached many before they flipped the switch.”

A. Michael alleged early on that that the corporate betters have had plans to “purge” the Siemens Healthineer division altogether; it appears this vaccine mandate is a convenient excuse to be able to do just that, while skating any major liability.

They should have been more aware of the fact that there was a pushback.

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