Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter Hits a Pause as New Information About Its Userbase Surfaces – Opinion

Tesla CEO Elon Muss has become the most talked about news in 2022 by his purchase of Twitter. It sent Leftist Authoritarians all over America into depression and many temper tantrums. Although the purchase took months, it appears that it will take longer as more information has been released about the userbase.

Musk found out Friday morning from Musk that only 5% of Twitter accounts are spam or fake.

This is what it means.

Sites with more spambots have a lower market value. Because it offers more advertising capabilities, the less spambots are on the site is better. Twitter is a fake platform. Nearly 30 percent of people who will view it aren’t real. If Musk is going to spend $44 billion on something, he wants to make sure that every detail about the site is correct and that he knows what he’s getting into.

Before you leave, do you make sure you have checked your food bag at the drive-thru? Musk was just looking at his bag.

Indeed, Musk assured everyone that he’s still committed to the purchase no matter what and this pause is just temporary while the numbers are sorted out.

Musk’s offer to acquire the site was met with numerous obstacles since then. Many have attempted to stand in his way, including Twitter’s board, but they soon backed down and readily accepted his deal. Musk’s purpose is to make Twitter the free speech platform is should have been from the very beginning, allowing what he calls the “de facto town square” to be open to all, not just the left.

Twitter was radically unfair until now to all but the left. Shadowbans, suspensions, and bans have been common for anyone who threatened the left’s narrative, not just those on the right. It did not matter whether the person was right or wrong. Musk wants to make this change and the platform more egal. This has made people who support the authoritarian leftist slant extremely angry.

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America will be much better off if this deal is reached.

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