Elon Musk Will NOT Be Joining Twitter Board – Opinion

But this isn’t the right way to begin your week.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced that Elon Musk will not join the board of directors at the company just after 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday night.

Musk has been discussing with Twitter users over the past week what improvements he thinks the company can make to Twitter.

My friend Nick AramaYou can read this article to see some examples of it. Preparing for the Liberal Meltdown: Elon Muss does Some Expert Trolling with Twitter. Here is a brief sample of it…

On Saturday night, Musk had everyone talking again with changes he was teasing on Twitter — and he even poked fun at Twitter itself.

In a survey, he said that he would turn Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco into an emergency shelter as nobody was coming to work. The Twitter management promised people that they could work remotely for as long as they desired.

More than 91 percent voted in Musk’s Twitter poll to turn it into a homeless shelter.

Be sure to read all of Nick’s article to get the view of how much fun Elon seemed to be having offering ideas before he was to become part of the board. It was obvious that something changed and it now looks like the plan is over.

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