Elon Musk Is Putting Twitter On the Spot Over Clinton’s 2016 Tweet Claiming Trump/Russia Link – Opinion

Elon Musk is going scorched Earth on Democrats and it’s beautiful.

Remember Clinton’s famous 2016 tweet attempting to link then-Republican candidate for President Donald Trump to Russia? According to Clinton and her campaign, Trump had a “secret line of communication to Russa” via a server in Trump tower that linked to a Russian-based bank. This discovery by “computer scientists” was supposed to “explain Trump’s bizarre adoration of Vladimir Putin” and his pro-Kremlin positions.

It was all an attempt to further tie Trump to Russia as per the Democrat Party’s narrative at the time, but it was a narrative that had no basis in reality and was the epitome of misinformation in the truest sense of the word. RedState revealed that Clinton was directly connected to Robert Mook’s release of the Alpha-Bank story, which is a Clinton Lackey.

If you don’t remember the tweet, don’t worry, it’s still up as of this writing despite Twitter’s commitment to eliminating misinformation, even when it comes to our political leaders.

A Twitter user named “VeeSPIKE” tweeted Elon Musk, currently on the road to purchasing the social media company, that he’d been reporting Clinton’s tweet as “misleading disinformation” but nothing had been done. Musk was asked to use his influence on the company and get something done.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Musk responded.

“You are absolutely correct,” said the Tesla CEO. “That tweet is a Clinton campaign hoax for which their campaign lawyer is undergoing a criminal trial.”

Musk also included a link from the BBC to information on Michael Sussmann’s trial. Musk finished the tweet with a follow up tweet to Parag Agrawal, Twitter CEO, and Vijaya Gandde asking for their reaction.

It’s unclear if anything will happen with the tweet. Despite Twitter’s imminent takeover by Musk, it’s been full speed ahead for Twitter’s unrelenting quest to censor those its admittedly hard-left employees disagree with.

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Regardless, it’s pretty clear that Musk is well aware of the problems and is coming down hard on the current crop of employees who have not only restricted the free speech of the western world but have insulted him personally. Musk wants to emphasize that Twitter, in its present state is dishonest and that it needs to be managed differently. While this might be part business maneuver, part self-indulgence, he’s not wrong.

And if Twitter does nothing about this Clinton tweet, then it’ll be one more thing that proves Musk absolutely correct.

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