Elon Musk Blasts Twitter Over Jordan Peterson’s Suspension – Opinion

We saw Twitter suspend author and psychologist Jordan Peterson in June because he “deadnamed” transgender actor Elliot Page.

Twitter advised him that he could recover his account if the tweet was deleted. The tweet said, “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.” But Peterson said he would “rather die” than do so. Peterson’s daughter wrote about the incident.

Then Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report got for reporting on Peterson’s suspension. It’s not clear how what Rubin said violated any of the Twitter rules.

It is true that content like this may cause users to be suspended. However, as Sister Toldjah pointed out, threats against Supreme Court justices do not.

People interacted with Elon Musk as he continues to work on his attempt to acquire Twitter. The NY Post’s Karol Markowicz appealed to Musk to speak out.

“Think this through. I think Jordan Peterson’s suspension for deadnaming is also stupid but say you don’t. Someone is not allowed to tweet about his suspension with any detail,” she wrote. “You can not tweet what he did. This place is run by middle school students. Elon Musk should comment.”

Now Musk has responded and is weighing in on Peterson’s suspension.

He also had a little fun on Independence Day with Twitter’s effort to place warnings on people’s tweets by posting the following meme.

It’s not clear when Musk’s Twitter deal will be completed. It is certain that Musk will implement major changes to prevent suspensions if the deal is completed. Because the platform makes it difficult to make decisions, people are eager for this change. There’s no consistency or fairness. If he can truly bring it back to what he envisions — a true town square that doesn’t shut down people to stifle their political opinions — then he will have done all a great service. That’s what people are hoping, but any change would be welcome at this point, given the way the platform has been run into the ground.

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